apathetic with apathy


‘Playtoh’ was conceived during a debate about the world we live in. I guess it’s a fusion between play-doh the stuff children learn to mould shapes with and the legendary philosopher plato; the man whose philosophy is the foundation of our ‘MODERN’ ideology. Playtoh has been busy working on an educational DVD that teaches Yr 10 students basic skills and attitudes to develop and achieve goals. This project is primarily an animation based teaching program. The workflow uses flash based vector drawings and then converting them into movie files.

Playtoh’s work with computer graphics has evolved and afforded a deeper passion: FILM and DOCUMENTARY making. Now the primary focus is to develop a documentary and help publish media for people and volunteer organisations that are trying to educate and inform. A look through the blogg entries should illuminate the kinds of stories we are most interested in.

If you have a story about some of the issues discussed and would like to share them and believe other people need to know this, then please contact playtoh or have a chat next time you see us filming at a venue or event.

Looking forward to spreading information that can change/save lives



2 Responses

  1. Little j says:

    I don’t know what it is that people cannot express their veiws or concerns without being ridiculed by people with less then a mind to the facts of what is going on in this world. Until the truth be known it is all a little too late. We have a large suicied rate out west here in the country of our young people. because of the extreem heat most people have to work out in the heat and exposed to the elements of chems weather control. no one does the report on the crisses that allures us. What hope is given to the young people, drugs, alchole mind control video games, a pill to quick fix and mental institutions. Microwave lazers that distroy the heck out of your mind, idiots that get away with murderers that can’t be proven. As we find out now of a neighbour lasering our young man to his death he eventually hung himself. two years down the road we find information on the net victoms of a microwave hit! much to the story to be told.
    I express my concerns in my art, I am only just beginning to explore this area of concern, not your abstract version of jumble up art and figure it out! Artist that are in it for their glory, self recognition as to their own gain. We have at Dubbo an artist for the cause UTES IN THE suicide of our rural people, man in particular, not much hope for the future. I have a daughter out west on their property trying to maintain a living, it is hard to express such concerns of weather control and GM foods our wheat have no grain and they blame the frost!, unless others state the the facts and that’s not happening!
    Well I do my bit as to allerting others and it is only the few! so what is it that their minds are not open enough to reality! they just don’t see it. Pehaps a little more exposure in the arts! at least it is not controlled! I guess ignorance is bliss! I have a camera too but even that does not line up in court as evidence!
    Please erase me if you like this may not be what you are about! but thanks for allowing me to express my views. chow

  2. playtoh says:

    Little J, all views are appreciated and hopefully some people connect with your thoughts and concerns. I for one. It certainly is very disheartening to learn to realise that our so called democratic Government does not care to educate the people about the real issues we are facing. Suicide is certainly something sensationalised but never addressed in the correct manner. Our social institutions, primarily schooling, will never look at themselves as a system of corporate indoctrination, marginalisation and exclusion, but rather, every time someone takes their life, we will always be led to believe it was the parents fault etc etc. As the years go by, I become less and less a conspiracy nut and more a concerned voice amongst those who are starting to realise that their government has sold out to money hungry corporations who have no ethics or morals. The tide is turning, the question is, is it too late? Thank you for your comments. I feel inspired to make effort and start blogging again.

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