apathetic with apathy

Hey Ma

Now the towers have fallen
So much dust in the air
It affected your vision
Couldn’t see yourself clear
From the fall came such choices
Even worse than the fall
There’s this chain of consequences

Action cause and reaction
Never follows to plan
Black swans on your picnic table
Knocking over the jam
Please don’t preach me forgiveness
You’re hardwired for revenge
War is just about business

Hey ma the boy’s in body bags
Coming home in pieces
Hey ma the boy’s in body bags
Coming home in pieces
Hey ma the boy’s in body bags
Coming home in pieces
Coming home in pieces


The dead live on within us
(In the atoms we trust)
Keep your fingers crossed
We were choking on the smoke and the dust
And the lives that were lost
Scratch the surface of liberals
There’s a beast underneath
Others hiding their Jekylls

Hey ma the boy’s in body bags
Coming home in pieces
Hey ma the boy’s in body bags
Coming home in pieces


I can feel the daylight
I can feel the daylight
Raining on me
Raining on me


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The Shame of Noam Chomsky & the Left Gatekeepers

Barrie Zwicker talks about his book Towers of Deception.

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Confucius says What?

“The violent riots that the Chinese state-run media have reported as having taken place in Lhasa are not what they seem to be, according to a former highly placed Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official.
Mr. Ruan Ming claims the CCP carefully staged the incidents in Tibet in order to force the Dalai Lama to resign and to justify future repression of the Tibetans. Mr. Ruan Ming was a speechwriter for former CCP General Secretary Hu Yaobang. (The Epoch Times)”

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The Clown Prince of Satanism

And his Fellows in Arms
From the screaming loons at the Palm Beach election center to the bloodbath in Gaza, from the shores of Montezuma to David Motari’s puppy tossing, it’s been a hard Se7en years. I can honestly say that I saw it coming. I saw Mr. Executioner demagoging out of Texas and I looked at the source of the money behind him and I said to myself, “Bush… head for the mountains.” And metaphorically speaking, that is what happened.

In this world, it’s possible to put the blame where you like. Depending on who is controlling the flow of information… so goes public perception. I always blame the people in charge. They are in charge to be aware of and control conditions for the benefit of whomever they serve, or- as the case may be… themselves.

You’d have to say it’s been a drama but it’s also been a comedy; Bush and his malapropisms; Bush and the Segeway, Bush and 9/11, Bush and the economy, Bush and the war on terror and of course Bush and Cheney. Bush spent his time somewhere between Charlie Chaplin and Adolph Hitler, without the dexterity of the former or the Christian charity of the latter. He has been the ultimate killer clown, running around in a blood-stained polka-dot outfit with a seltzer bottle in his hand. He’s been John Wayne Gacy ass-raping an entire nation and probably thinking it’s all been ‘Bad Jack’ who did these things or that mind projection guy in “The Dark Half”

However, I suspect that just like David Rockefeller, Rupert Murdoch and Skull Olmert; just like the neo-cons and disinfo agents and the whole circus of political, economic and religious psychopaths that he knows full well what he’s done and it makes him hard thinking about it. It is probably the only thing besides James Gannon that does make him hard. more

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The Ideology of National Revolution

– An Essay in Nationalist Political Theory –
By Harrell Rhome, Ph.D.
Nationalists in Buenos Aires who proclaim the Doctrine of National Revolution inspire this essay. This concept is largely unknown to North American nationalists, but could be a lasting contribution. That is, if we had a viable American nationalist movement, which at the present time we really do not. But as with anything, the longest journey begins with the first step. That is challenging and perhaps annoying, demanding a personal inventory to determine our real values. This is the small but crucial pebble that can begin an eventual cultural avalanche sweeping away the corrupt old order. But we are in a trap, hemmed in on several sides. We have little control over elections, our industrial base has been severely downgraded and our money is debased. Most of us know we essentially trapped ourselves, allowing evil antagonists to take over, but how do we get out? Check out what Walter Romero, Editor of Political Tsunami online magazine, said.

“Comrades, the only escape from the trap is with a greatly superior doctrine outside the reach of our enemy — the National Revolutionary Ideology. Such a National Revolution will be carried out inexorably to bring about a New Order that forever and for always ends the dependency of our nation and the hunger of our people. Neither right nor left; neither State Capitalism nor Individual Capitalism, but a Nationalistic and Revolutionary regime. That is to say, a Total Revolution. [But] the first step is elucidation.”


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