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If you have been following world events, then you must be aware of the pro-Israel lobby influencing/controlling US politics, and we all know that all U.S Presidential candidates have to suck up to AIPAC, ADL and Co.

Here in Australia these matters are a bit more transparent, so when we hear Howard or Rudd07 receiving rewards, having forests in Israel named after them, or celebrating 60 years of hostile occupation and genocide then we may raise an eyebrow. What is our relationship with Israel, why are we so committed to supporting one of the most notorious human rights violators? Have you asked yourself, why?, if not then look into life in Palestine ? Maybe then, like Julia Irwin, your conscience will sway your blind alliance.


PM lauds Israel, but urges peace

KEVIN Rudd praised Israel’s democratic achievements as parliament yesterday commemorated Israel’s 60th anniversary and stressed the need for an independent and economically viable Palestinian state .

The House of Representatives passed with bipartisan support a government motion marking the anniversary in May, with only Labor backbencher Julia Irwin abstaining from the vote in a protest at human rights abuses by Israel.

The motion left Labor bitterly divided, with Ms Irwin and several affiliated left-wing unions attracting savage criticism for using the occasion to attack Israel.

The Prime Minister was briefly interrupted as he commenced his speech by a female protester in the public gallery who shouted, “What about the UN resolution?”, before being escorted from the house. Mr Rudd said that while Israel’s history had been marked by bloodshed, there had been signs of hope.

He paid tribute to former Labor prime minister Ben Chifley and foreign minister Bert Evatt for their roles in helping to establish the state of Israel.

“The 60 years since the establishment of Israel have been full of challenges and full of trials,” Mr Rudd said. “Similarly the process of the emergence of a Palestinian state has come along a tortuous path – there has been too much bloodshed.”

Brendan Nelson said Australians should remember the freedoms for which Israelis had fought. “In a region of the world that is characterised more by theocracies or autocracies, Israel and the state of Israel is the custodian of the most fragile and yet powerful of human emotions,” the Opposition Leader said. “That is hopeful belief in the freedom of man, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly.”

ACTU secretary Jeff Lawrence and Australian Workers Union chief Paul Howes dissociated themselves from left-wing colleagues who put their names to an advertisement in The Australian yesterday condemning the bipartisan motion.

Mr Lawrence said individual unions were entitled to their views, but the ACTU did not endorse the advertisement’s claims that Israel’s anniversary celebrated “the triumph of racism and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians”, or that Israel had poisoned the West’s relations with “the whole of the Arab and Muslim world”.

“We have tried to take a balanced position that supports the right of Israel to exist and a negotiated settlement for the establishment of a Palestinian state,” Mr Lawrence said.

Mr Howes went further, saying he could not understand how Ms Irwin or any of his union colleagues could “line up in support of Hamas”.

Among those endorsing the anti-Israel advertisement were the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union and the Maritime Union of Australia. Individuals included former Labor MP Margaret Reynolds and South Australian Democrat Sandra Kanck.

Ms Irwin told The Australian she could not “congratulate a nation which commits human rights abuses each day and shows blatant disregard for the UN”.

Ms Irwin said at least 10 of her ALP colleagues and four Coalition parliamentarians had congratulated her on her stand.


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