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Black Hole Sun

I should be working, but this time I feel compelled to write. If you haven’t noticed, I quote Baudrillard: ‘The simulacrum is never what hides the truth-it is the truth that hides the fact that there is none’. The simulacrum is true.
I guess 99.9% of people stumbling into this know little about social critique or critical analysis. Who, are more likely to know that Simulations and Simulacra was the title of the novel that Neo kept his illusionatory data disks in. The hollow book! Everyone knows about the matrix, but unfortunately only the movie version: not the matrix that I see myself living in. Had you followed the metaphorical white rabbit, you would have a better idea about what I am talking about, if not, let me take you back to how Baudrillard, like Morpheus in the matrix, educated me about simulated reality.

In the second year of my art degree I studied media in anthropology, and one day, was asked to comment on the Gulf war, which at that time was the major event since Vietnam. The essay I chose to discuss concerned Baudrillards comments in his short novel ‘the gulf war did not take place’. With a good understanding about the meaning of symbols in everyday life, I discovered a theoretical voice that could describe how I felt about our war with Iraq. Interestingly, sharing my opinion with the best social theorist since Barthes and Foucault, meant that I was to oppose a system which banished me to live on the fringe of society.

To cut a long story short, after having problems finding any argument that could oppose Baudrillards claim that the war was a simulation, I went to my lecturer for help and advice. She told me to read a article by Christopher Norris, ‘Baudrillard and the war that never happened’, who claimed that Baudrillard was the purveyor of the silliest ideas yet to gain intellectual hearing. I, of course argued with Baudrillard that Norris was the ‘idealist’ trying to hang on to convention and written history, who was totally ignorant to the fact that media was the only medium through which we had any knowledge, fact: mainstream and most accademic media gave us a different version of the war polemic. There are many aspects to the, Bush Snr 1990 Operation Desert Storm, Gulf War Ver.1, that are extremely questionable, least of which was the fact that the US had just helped equip Saddam for his war against Iran. So, armed with an array of misinformation, I charged my essay with argument claiming how propaganda created Saddam to be someone else and how the worlds involvement was never based on factual evidence, that media was manipulated to describe the war to get maximum public opinion and sympathy.

Which brings me to today and how I felt when I looked at the sky, I remembered that fake horizon at the end of the matrix trilogy, I felt as if I was on the surface of a foreign planet. The sky today represented a ‘real’ metaphor to my enlightened dilemma. Our reality is so devoid of knowing anything about what is going on around us, absent to the extent that we can have aerosol planes continually spray us, without anyone knowing how to do anything about it. The unfortunate and inconvenient truth, is, that the masses of the population merely witness events based on truth created by a biased media. How aware are you of the consequences of your governments actions or lack thereof? Why are we taxing carbon when the skies above us get sprayed with mysterious pollutants? Simple question, with an impossible answer.

Ahh . . . naivety was such bliss.

The media does not talk about aerosol spraying the population, therefore it does not exist.

Midday Adelaide Today


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