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Duty, Honor, Country 2007

An Open Letter to the New Generation of Military Officers Serving and Protecting Our Nation

By Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret., National Commander, The Patriots


“The Nuremberg Principles says that we in the military have not only the right, but also the DUTY to refuse an illegal order. It was on this basis that we executed Nazi officers who were ‘only carrying out their orders’… The Constitution which we are sworn to uphold says that treaties entered into by the United States are the ‘highest law of the land,’ equivalent to the Constitution itself. Accordingly, we in the military are sworn to uphold treaty law, including the United Nations charter and the Geneva Convention… Based on the above, I contend that should some civilian order you to initiate a nuclear attack on Iran (for example), you are duty-bound to refuse that order. I might also suggest that you should consider whether the circumstances demand that you arrest whoever gave the order as a war criminal.”

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Dear Comrades in Arms,


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The Amero

Radio Talk show hosts gets sample of minted Amero coin that has been designed to destroy personal savings in Canadian and U.S. Dollars

by Traci Lawson

A U.S. Radio Talk show host says that a U.S. Treasury official, has leaked a sample of the “Amero” coin. The Amero coin, was apparently a part of secretive proceedings of the latest so-called “Security and Prosperity Partnership” (SPP) meetings of the leaders of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, that was held in Montebello, Quebec, Canada, on 20-21 August 2007. According to the representation of researchers on North American Union (NAU), the Amero is to be launched after an instigated crises, such as an attack against Iran, following a contrived terrorist attack on Canadian and U.S. soil, that is to be blamed on Iran.



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Just another conspiracy theory:
Right ?


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Four Eyed Monster

Apparently the makers of this movie, Susan and Arin, amassed credit card debt exceeding the $100,000 that will fund: For every person who joins their site through this link, they will donate $1. Now, I can’t see that volume of money in this movie, but from a movie makers perspective I appreciate the time and energy put into this production: the time that is usually occupied by working for someone else. Still, if by joining a web site I help a couple creative people pay their bills and make some money to go make another movie, then I am sure we all have plenty to gain and nothing to lose.

As for the content, I can definitely appreciate the montage/pastiche through which the movie speaks to it’s audience, it highlights how people on myspace and other personal profile sites relate to each other. I recommend this for the fact that this movie speaks to the computer chat generation, and being the first independent youtube production, I hope it inspires many other budding movie makers to do the same.

Oh and I liked the animated sequences, thinking they were reminiscent of a Richard Linklaker production.

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