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Tell the Truth, Nigga !

by Mb Def, Immortal Technique and Eminem

Man, you hear this bullshit they be talkin’
Every day, man
It’s like these motherfuckers is just like professional liars
YouknowwhatI’msayin? It’s wild

Bin Laden didn’t blow up the projects
It was you, nigga
Tell the truth, nigga
(Bush knocked down the towers)
Tell the truth, nigga
(Bush knocked down the towers)

I pledge no allegiance, nigga fuck the president’s speeches
I’m baptized by America and covered in leeches
The dirty water that bleaches your soul and your facial features
Drownin’ you in propaganda that they spit through the speakers
And if you speak about the evil that the government does
The Patriot Act’ll track you to the type of your blood
They try to frame you, and say you was tryna sell drugs
And throw a federal indictment on niggaz to show you love
This shit is run by fake Christians, fake politicians
Look at they mansions, then look at the conditions you live in
All they talk about is terrorism on television
They tell you to listen, but they don’t really tell you they mission
They funded Al-Qaeda, and now they blame the Muslim religion
Even though Bin Laden, was a CIA tactician
They gave him billions of dollars, and they funded his purpose
Fahrenheit 9/11, that’s just scratchin’ the surface

Bin Laden didn’t blow up the projects
It was you, nigga
Tell the truth, nigga
(Bush knocked down the towers)
Tell the truth, nigga
(Bush knocked down the towers)
Tell the truth, nigga

They say the rebels in Iraq still fight for Saddam
But that’s bullshit, I’ll show you why it’s totally wrong
Cuz if another country invaded the hood tonight
It’d be warfare through Harlem, and Washington Heights
I wouldn’t be fightin’ for Bush or White America’s dream
I’d be fightin’ for my people’s survival and self-esteem
I wouldn’t fight for racist churches from the south, my nigga
I’d be fightin’ to keep the occupation out, my nigga
You ever clock someone who talk shit, or look at you wrong?
Imagine if they shot at you, and was rapin’ your moms
And of course Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons
We sold him that shit, after Ronald Reagan’s election
Mercenary contractors fightin’ a new era
Corporate military bankin’ off the war on terror
They controllin’ the ghetto, with the failed attack
Tryna distract the fact that they engineerin’ the crack
So I’m strapped like Lee Malvo holdin’ a sniper rifle
These bullets’ll touch your kids, and I don’t mean like Michael
Your body be sent to the morgue, stripped down and recycled
I fire on house niggaz that support you and like you
Cuz innocent people get murdered in the struggle daily
And poor people never get shit and struggle daily
This ain’t no alien conspiracy theory, this shit is real
Written on the dollar underneath the Masonic seal

(I don’t rap for dead presidents
I’d rather see the president dead
It’s never been said but I set precedents)

Bin Laden didn’t blow up the projects
It was you, nigga
Tell the truth, nigga
(Bush knocked down the towers)
Tell the truth, nigga
(Bush knocked down the towers)
Tell the truth, nigga


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Who Killed Yitzhak Rabin?

Obviously the Shamgar Commission of Inquiry, is no different to the 911 Commision Report, whereby so called experts prove to the world that you can lie, cover-up, murder, destroy etc etc, and get away with it.
I set out to find the truth behind the Israeli equivalent to JFK. We all know that JFK was not assasinated by Oswald, don’t we? Well, likewise for Yigal Amir, who apperently fired a blank and beside the live footage of the so called assasination ( the Kemplar Video, on after the lecture) that proved he could not have done it, was documented to have had no trace of gun powder on him after the event.

Barry Chamish, says that the majority of Israeli agree that Rabin was not shot by Amir, the so called ‘right wing Jewish radical’.

Chamish says that Shimon Peres had Rabin murdered to eliminate any potential peace agreements that may have eventuated through the Oslo Peace Accord. He directly points his finger at the Council of Foreign Relations, primarily at Steven Cohen, Daniel Pipes and Peres.

Chamish is adamant that Israel will be destroyed, and that the people in charge of Israel are not Jews, they are Sabbataian followers. Who are laundering vast amounts of money and capitalising on promoting War and Destruction.

Barry Chamish
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Say Goodbye to Freedom

Soviet Deception: Demoralization of the West

Before he defected, the Soviet, KGB spy Yuri Bezmenov was assigned to India to spy on the Americans and see if India’s spiritual guru’s offered any potential information that could help them with their war against the Soviet and Communism. He found the opposite, the idea to solve problems by meditating would only help their plan to brainwash Americans. This worked perfect for their strategy to demoralise Americans, to destruct and deviate their mental energy from real issues to non-issues, primarily to take their minds away from real issues of liberty and freedom.

In this 1984 interview with Edward Griffin, Bezmenov claims that, contrary to polular belief, the Soviet Union only allocated 15% of their spying resource on espionage, the major 85% was for brainwashing, ideological subversion or active measures of psychological warfare.

‘To change perception of reality of every American to such an extent, that despite the
abundance of information no-one is able come to sensible conclusions in the interests of defending themselves, their families, their community and their country’.

This is a four part process that takes, 15 to 20yrs where one generation of students are exposed to the ideology of their enemy, thus the half baked drop out academics of the 60’s became demoralized drones working for the Leninst Marxists.

You can not get rid of them, they are contaminated, been programmed to think and react to certain stimula in a certain pattern, you cannot change their mind, even if you expose them with authentic information, even if you prove that white is white and black is black, you still cannot change the basic perception and the logic of behaviour. The process of demoralision is complete and irreversible. Actually it is overfullfiled because now most of it is done by Americans to Americans, thanks to lack of moral standards, where true information does not matter anymore’.

It’s True
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