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Save ‘US’ – Save Tibet

As you view this through your hi-tech, highly intelligent plasma screen, over saturated in your postmodern world of cheap luxury: upsized oppulence and simulated reality. Please take a pause to think about how much everything ‘extra’ come at a price. We must learn that things like the price of petrol impilcate responsiblity to the fate of people on another part of this world. We must learn that the cost of clothes also implies a fate of slavery and displacement. Many evils in this world are created because the consumer has no conscience: the end item is for sale, cheap, conscience free and always available.

Take pause to think about how we all, like the Dalai Lama, would preach for racial tolerence and human compassion: don’t you?. And yet we do nothing to make this happen. Don’t you think it’s very ironic that democracy does nothing to deter despotism? The problem of our postmodern world is that somehow the majority of people no longer care to do anything to make a difference. The price of our excess is a detachment from responsiblity for the true cost of opulence and luxury. Anyone kill a baby seal lately ?

So as China prepares to become the economic powerhouse of the ‘modern’ world, take pause to think about the true cost of this excess. While it may be hard for most people to consider a fate of incaceration and torture, for others, its something they live with. There is no hidden evil agenda, there is growing human rights abuse, the continual eradication of indegenious culture and balatant destruction and exploitation of the environment. But it’s all O.K isn’t it?, as long as Nike, looks better, goes faster and keeps getting cheaper.

It’s time to sit back and meditate on how much power the democratic consumer ‘really’ has. Pause to realise that you choose how much money your corporations are making, how much they exploit, how much they plunder, how much they destroy, kill, and how much they don’t care for the fate of other cultures. Just as much as they don’t care if you are worth more sick, healthy or dead.

So, if you are a humane person, and want the power to choose the world you live in: stop over consuming and meditate on the simple things you can do to make a difference.

Give a shit, think about consequences, and get invloved.


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  1. ld says:



  2. slant_of_light says:

    what a nice piece πŸ™‚

    yes, I agree with you completely but isn’t it so much easier living in denial. So few people give a rats about the bigger picture. I mean, it wasn’t my hand that slaughtered the baby seal was it? Maybe if we weren’t all living inside a faux comfy bubble, we could become a bit more AWARE.

    I am down the street in an internet cafe learning from your blog while my friends are drinking at the pub. I’m pretty sure they would prefer a cheap top made in China to an expensive top made fair trade…. and these are the people of the ‘future’ (but it’s not like I feel guilty buying a top so cheap that it could barely cover the costs of making it, let alone ‘rewarding’ all those who are a part of the process, least of all the labourers).

    you can talk and talk, but I don’t know what will make people really listen and give a shit. I think most people really really don’t care 😦

    BUT I’m listening, keep at it!

  3. playtoh says:

    Most people can’t even get motivated to take care of themselves. Thanks for your support and get that debating tongue working. Never know, you might make it through a discussion and save someones life.

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