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Only in India

Having just travelled to India, I always thought that when I tried to describe their driving, I never could quite explain the experience: This comes close.


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Slave or Labour ?

Beijing labourers dying in race for Olympic deadline

Labourers from poor rural areas of China, some in their teens and often lacking the most basic safety equipment, are working seven-day weeks for less than £20 to complete the facilities for next year’s Beijing Olympics, an Independent on Sunday investigation has revealed.

article by Jordan Pouille for The Independent


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Area 51 Radio Chat

On the night this tape was made, Art had asked workers of Area 51 to phone in and spill the beans about Area 51. He may have got more than he bargained for.

listen to mp3


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Why Marijuana Should be Legal

Editorial Review:
Far from being a crippling addictive lure, marijuana is actually “one of the most benign substances known to man,” according to this fact-filled and impassioned pro-pot manifesto originally published in 1996. The authors, marijuana-law reform activists, detail weed’s many medicinal uses in the treatment of diseases like AIDS, glaucoma and cancer, examine the wonders of industrial hemp, and tout legalized marijuana as a potential economic boon and a lucrative tax-cow. The real problem, they argue, is the criminalization of marijuana, which has wasted untold billions, trampled our Constitutional liberties and thrown millions of otherwise law-abiding citizens into jail even as it has fueled crime by taking marijuana out of the legal marketplace and putting it in the hands of criminal syndicates. They blame this policy of prohibition on an unholy alliance of panicky parents, pharmaceutical and liquor companies eager to maintain their monopoly on medicinal and mind-altering substances, and the law-enforcement and prison industries that thrive on the war against pot.



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phantasmagoric photography

Running the Numbers
by chris jordan photography


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Blackwater USA is the most comprehensive professional military, law enforcement, security, peacekeeping, and stability operations company in the world.

Created to keep peace, NOT to make money !


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Edison Vs Tesla

This rare film stars Orson Welles and features a dramatic recreation of a meeting between Nikola Tesla, Industrialist J.P. Morgan and Thomas Edison, that would decide the fate and future of today’s Electric Power Industry in America and the world.

Nikola Tesla is regarded as one of the most important inventors in history. He changed the world with the invention of the AC (alternating current) induction motor, making the universal transmission and distribution of electricity possible.
Dur: 10min

Want to know more about Tesla ?

The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla
Dur: 46min

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Save ‘US’ – Save Tibet

As you view this through your hi-tech, highly intelligent plasma screen, over saturated in your postmodern world of cheap luxury: upsized oppulence and simulated reality. Please take a pause to think about how much everything ‘extra’ come at a price. We must learn that things like the price of petrol impilcate responsiblity to the fate of people on another part of this world. We must learn that the cost of clothes also implies a fate of slavery and displacement. Many evils in this world are created because the consumer has no conscience: the end item is for sale, cheap, conscience free and always available.

Take pause to think about how we all, like the Dalai Lama, would preach for racial tolerence and human compassion: don’t you?. And yet we do nothing to make this happen. Don’t you think it’s very ironic that democracy does nothing to deter despotism? The problem of our postmodern world is that somehow the majority of people no longer care to do anything to make a difference. The price of our excess is a detachment from responsiblity for the true cost of opulence and luxury. Anyone kill a baby seal lately ?

So as China prepares to become the economic powerhouse of the ‘modern’ world, take pause to think about the true cost of this excess. While it may be hard for most people to consider a fate of incaceration and torture, for others, its something they live with. There is no hidden evil agenda, there is growing human rights abuse, the continual eradication of indegenious culture and balatant destruction and exploitation of the environment. But it’s all O.K isn’t it?, as long as Nike, looks better, goes faster and keeps getting cheaper.

It’s time to sit back and meditate on how much power the democratic consumer ‘really’ has. Pause to realise that you choose how much money your corporations are making, how much they exploit, how much they plunder, how much they destroy, kill, and how much they don’t care for the fate of other cultures. Just as much as they don’t care if you are worth more sick, healthy or dead.

So, if you are a humane person, and want the power to choose the world you live in: stop over consuming and meditate on the simple things you can do to make a difference.

Give a shit, think about consequences, and get invloved.


watch flash movie at

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Desperate times Simple measures

Plunder down Under

Although published a couple years ago, this very interesting article by David Fickling, brings to light the key issues facing Australians.

Couple things to think about:

“A century ago, sugar was a profitable industry – not least because most of the workers were indentured labourers from Melanesia, living in conditions one rung above slavery. Nowadays, a global oversupply has made the cane industry so uneconomic that Canberra levies three cents on every kilo bag of sugar, to stop the country’s 6,500 cane farmers going bankrupt. But while local pundits view the 330 gigalitres a year used in flushing toilets as a profligate waste of resources, the 800 gigalitres used growing sugar is rarely commented upon.”


“You might not have thought a place as dry as Australia would be in the rice business. But dotted along the Murray River valley, the continent’s only major river, there are dozens of farms that collectively use almost as much water growing rice as Australia’s 20 million people use for all household purposes.”

Isn’t it time we address the issues of how much devastation some industries inflict on our environment?.
All mega industries must now pay for the damage they cause. This is doing the right thing: No question if they should invest in cleaning up.

There are so many obvious hypocricies in this world, that make reality totaly unbelievable. Why do the rich, always get away with Murder?

Like charity for Africa, I guess we can think ourselves lucky, now that the elite are thinking “conservation” may become profitable.

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Hold on to your Guns America

My so called ‘conspiracy theory brain’ smelled a rat. You don’t shoot someone in a school and then two hours later shoot many more. O.K so what is the conspiracy here ? Just like believing that for some momentary space in time the American Air Force is too pre-ocupied to defend it’s country, or surveilance cameras fail to record at the most appropriate time, or that Martyn Bryant was a trained Marksman, now I have to digest that a lovers quarrel created the latest media scandal.

To live in this world, how dumb do I have to be?

This one plays like a hollywood movie. Sounds desperate to me.

Check out Kurt Nemo, the Cho Seung-Hui Video Show; he doesn’t buy it either.


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