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Lynch the Mob!

David Lynch Speaks out on 9/11: There are many questions, no answers

Just had to post this, kinda coincides with my previous post, and comments thereafter.


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  1. Libor, my man... says:

    The thing I struggle with through all this is:

    What is the exactly is the question?

    And how do they tell the ‘correct’ answer form the others?

    I think in a strange twist, these attitudes, i think, are more based in, and doing more for fear, uncertainty, and doubt than the ‘mainstream’ media – which is, and here’s the twist, apparently how the American government is ‘supposed’ to keep people in line – so I conclude that all opinions like these are from a secret governmental think tank under instruction from a power elite, whose designs keep us cowering and looking over our shoulder, to prevent peace, true solidarity, and to keep us productive.

  2. playtoh says:

    Hmmm, the question, what is the question?
    To me, and should be for you, is the basic principle that governs our life and that is our human rights and our sovereignty: meaning
    a) that democracy is not a fraud whereby the so called people that we trust to do the best they can for our community actualy do so, and
    b) that we do have basic human rights, we meaning all people of the planet.
    This is something people throughout history have sacrificed their lives for, and something people here in Australia have no idea about since their freedom to go shopping is only getting violated by the potential packaging fraud that discloses information as to the contents they consume. Case in point GM free foods.Then again have a chat with David Hicks if you want to know more about rights abuse.
    Now, as to the question of America lying to the world, to create a reality of fear whereby they give US ( Australia is implicated in this) the right to go to another country and masacre their people. Then I feel ashamed to be a party to this. Don’t you ? and shouldn’t everyone?
    There is also another question that needs to be answered, and that is, do the people of their so called democratic nations have a choice as to how their country faces the future or the so called corporations that to me appear to be running our government therefore our lives.
    Or maybe watch a movie about Germany during WWII to get a better idea about what we are most likely questioning, since those people that ran the concentration camps are now compicit in world events.

  3. playtoh says:

    David Lynch is right in saying that if America and Israel is implicated in all this, then it is something you don’t want to think about, and that’s just it:
    DENIAL. But unfortunately by ignoring it, it just won’t go away, and things will get worse if they can keep getting away with this kind of terrorism while the people remain whitewashed. Oh let me clear about the they = the real purpotrators of the crime, and isn’t that what we are talking about? Who did this? Certainly not the guys who can’t fly planes and carry boxcutters.

  4. Im On To You says:

    1st : I agree with eveything david lynch has pointed out!…But!!!

    2nd : ‘Libor, my man’ and ‘Playtoh’ also happen to be conspiracy theoerists who believes that sun cream will cause cancer, and that the clouds we see in the sky are artificially made by man to put chemicals in the sky so our government can brain wash us. ALL GOVERNMENTS are opperating againts us in some degree, this is common knowledge, but to incited ideas such as the above mentioned just buys into the climate of paranoia and fear.

    If the government are putting artaficial clouds made of chemicals into the sky then an unemployed man who sits infront of his computer reading about conspiracy theories… ie ‘Playtoh”… would be last person to know about this…Does he have secret government conections perhaps? I think not!

    Please, come on guys don’t be so gullable and naive. Use your brains!! … Or have the government secretly labotamised you guys without anyone knowing? Pehaps on a space ship?

  5. playtoh says:

    Thanks for comment, I’m On To You?. It is an unfortunate state of affairs where illiterate people go to work and only watch mainstream propaganda while those that do read and write pursue a more meaningful existence rather than clocking in and out of time. Pity the working class does not see this. So wouldn’t it be wonderful if those people that don’t have the time to ‘research’ give credit to those that do find the time to look beyond the spin and then share their discoveries. Lets be honest, only someone NOT on a payroll can be perceived to be objective and unbiased.

    Sunscreen does cause cancer, all TOXIC chemicals cause cancer, and there are planes in the sky that leave very questionable and everlasting streaks: just read the comments on my chemtrail post or have a look at the sky. In all probability OUR government is told they are CONTRAILS and that’s that. Just like you and me, the Australian mobsters only get ‘REAL’ information on a need to know basis.

    Playtoh is not a conspiracy theorist, he is a truth theorist. Just like any other consumer, I could not figure out why petrol companies could set their own prices. The Banks have the same privileges. The pharma/drug business is another very frightening fraternity. So I did some research. Therefore, applying some logic and reason, I come to my best conclusions to figure out why I always have to bend over for someone else.

    Sorry you are scared.

    p.s Good odds that smoking pot is making you paranoid and not the objective information.

  6. Libor, my man says:

    ‘I’m On To You’, do you, like, work for the government or something?

    Have you been ‘instructed’ to seed any doubts about the integrity of the modern world with … doubts.

    Is this ‘common knowledge’, of which you refer, acceptable?

  7. Excambbiomb says:

    Does anyone knows what should we expect in 2010? they promise more problems on wall stree? I are heading toward dipression?

  8. Aledlykew says:

    I wonder if web industry affected by crisis as well? and to what extend? Will the admins continue this web?

  9. That was marvellous when good some wierd looking lady started to peep like an angel! Susan Boyle was a honest scareer for millions!! WOW!

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  11. badbubble4 says:

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