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Codex Alimentarius- NANP 2005 Conference

Codex and Nutricide
Speach by Rima E. Laibow, M.D

Dr Laibow tells us that:

CODEX commision is administerd by the WHO and the FAO at the request of the U.N (in Australia we have the TGA)

CODEX is ‘harm’onised by the WTO where codex compliancy becomes an economic rationale to not be sanctioned.

CODEX defines nutrients as toxins that undergo risk assesments and can thus become illegal

CODEX mandates use of Monsanto’s recombinant bovine growth hormone

CODEX mandates all animals be treated with anti-biotics and growth hormone

CODEX mandates that all food be irradiated

CODEX will legalise the mandated toxicity and malnutrition on populations

Dur: 40min

Remember the PAN Pharmaceuticals suspension?
Senator LYN ALLISON (VictoriaLeader of the Australian Democrats) speech dated 29 Mar 2006

“In a society where many consumers have decided that they wish to use complementary medicines it is important that the community has confidence that complementary health care products are safe. The TGA is essential to that confidence.

However we share the concerns of some in the complementary medicines industry that the sector has been subject to regulatory compliance that is unnecessarily onerous and out of step with the low risk nature of the vast majority of their products”.


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6 Responses

  1. playtoh says:

    Check out what is happening in Canada:

  2. JTP says:

    What ever came of the legal fight against Codex? It is almost Dec. 31, 2009…

    • Kronos1 says:

      What ever came of the legal fight against Codex? It is almost Dec. 31, 2009…????

      It has been overshadowed by this bullshit Copenhagen climate change summit for lunatics. Whilst they are plotting to destroy us through an implimented draconian system that is based and proven to be fraud they are getting away with the very important issue of codex alimentarius which is another grand U.N. scheme. Everyone is getting screwed at both ends now and most dont realise it. We will all be eating food with no nutrition shortly and good health products will be a thing of the past. So much for the human race eh?

  3. JTP says:

    Yes, it was very bitter sweet to stumble across this video. We’ve since started a garden with as many heirlooms as possible, buying local and organic at our co-op, but I realize it’s all relative and the standards aren’t near what they should be. We are doomed and with the ignorance that surrounds everyone, people are too busy watching T.V. thann questioning what is actually going on around them I think keeping connections with like minded people is essential.

    • Kronos1 says:

      Hi JTP. Great to hear that you are being as proactive as possible with starting your own garden. I think what you are doing is most prudent and wise. At least you know what you are growing and eating. It can only be a good thing! keep it up. Yes, I agree with all that you say here. People are very much dumbed down these days and television is a great device for turning the populace into zombies with very little train of thought within them to help them through trying times. The whole world is buckling underneath them and they are so deaf, dumb and blind that they are walking to their very own peril. Its sad and horrible really. And then you have to ask where has the old addage gone, which is;

      “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance”…..

      what ever happened to that? But what’s worse is forgetting a quote by a former now deceased despot that utters these very words from his grave even still and that is;

      “What good fortune for governments
      that the people do not think”. Adolf Hitler.

      Need I say more? Yes, you are correct, it is excellent to be able to keep connections with like minded people and it is essential. Keep in touch!

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