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Open Letter By Matthias Rath, M.D.

In a letter to The New Yorker Dr Matthias Rath makes some great argument as to why the AIDS endeavour is a money making rather than life saving endeavour. Here are a few excerpts, for complete letter go here.

Facts About the Pharmaceutical Approach to the AIDS Epidemic

2.1 The most common pharmaceutical approaches to AIDS are so-called anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs). Most ARVs are derivatives of drugs used in the chemotherapy of cancer. The underlying therapeutic mechanism of these drugs is to damage or destroy the cells of the body in the hope to also impair or destroy cancer cells or – in the case of AIDS – virus containing cells.

2.2 It is basic knowledge that the primary target organ of these toxic chemotherapeutic drugs is the bone marrow in the human body. Moreover, the first cells toxically damaged are the fastest reproducing cells, i.e. the blood cells deriving from the bone marrow. This inevitably leads to the impaired production and function of almost all subtypes of white blood cells and other cells that determine immune function in the body.

2.3 AIDS, the acquired immune deficiency syndrome, is by definition an immune deficiency condition – i.e. a disease characterized by an impaired function of the immune system. A 13-year old understands that a toxic agent that damages the immune cells cannot cause the immune system to improve and correct immune deficiencies – rather than achieving the opposite – further aggravating this condition.

Facts About the Pharmaceutical Investment Business With the AIDS Epidemic

3.1 The pharmaceutical industry is not a health industry but rather an investment industry. The almost exclusive merchandise of the pharmaceutical industry are synthetic, patented drugs and its market place are global diseases. The return on investment for the pharmaceutical business is determined by increased drug sales and expanding disease markets – not by the prevention or the eradication of diseases.

3.6 The accusation that the pharmaceutical industry responds to diseases by promoting drugs that does not cure this disease, rather than further aggravating it, is serious and is not made easily. Some may even reject such a serious accusation for the simple fact that it violates all ethical standards as well as national and international laws. Fact is, however, that such marketing schemes by the pharmaceutical industry are widely used and in no way limited to ARV drugs and the AIDS epidemic.

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