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George Carlin – Owners of This Country

George Carlin in “Life is Worth Losing”.
George Carlin has never been afraid of being politically incorrect, but in this piece he lays the big picture on the line. Clocking in at just over 13 minutes, he has to get the award for the quickest introduction to the real world ever. As in feudal days, it seems that the jester is the only one left allowed to speak the truth openly.


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  1. e-man says:

    The education system is truly fucked. Not just in America, either. Over here it is the same. It is the teachers (not the students!) who cop the shit when students don’t pass. SO – if a student does next to NO work throughout the whole year, it is still in the teacher’s best interest to pass the student. Like George Carlin said, EVERYBODY WINS – the student is happy because they didn’t have to do/learn anything and yet they advance in their schooling. The teacher is happy because their students look great on paper when the principle is looking the report cards over and thinking what a great school they run.

    Target the kids. Our future. C’mon, this is a great way to raise generations of idiots. OR, not idiots, but people who have FORGOTTEN how to think.

    No teacher wants to be responsible for failing 3/4 of their class of students right? Probably means they are a lousy teacher if they did.
    Cos our kids aren’t stupid right?
    And we nurture intelligence in our society yeah?

    Haha, I am glad that there are still a few people out there who really do sit at the kitchen table and talk about how the world’s powerful people are dealing the cards that are developing a society who know how to shut the fuck up and do what they’re told.

    They do have us by the balls. But we are either too dumb to realise it, or too disinterested to care.

    Oh and go George Carlin!

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