apathetic with apathy

Jesus Bono, Just Sing!

“This is how Jesus begins his ministry
Jesus is a young man
he’s met with the rabbi’s
he’s impressed everybody
people are talking
the elders say he’s a clever guy this Jesus
But he hasn’t done much public speaking


halleluya here she comes

What does it mean to me when the Bono sends drugs to Africa or a prayer, a halleluya for our solidiers in Iraq. Nothing, absolutely nothing, nothing other than the fact that some corporation is making a lot of money. His political correctness is slowly killing every single meaning I may have interpreted in his lyrics. The plea for coexistence is empty and meaningless when you send a prayer for the executioners and not the innocent people they are slaying. The hypocrisy is so blatantly clear; your god is full of the money you (they) are making, and your words are now running on empty. There is a big space between Bono, his audience, and the people he claims to be saving, (probably something like a Billion dollars). I think next time Bono comes to town, the only way I will end up at his concert, is if he is paying.

Dur: 21:40

p.s More people die from polluted or lack of clean water than aids.


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  1. Kronos1 says:

    Bono like his mate Bob Geldof are both new world order stooges. Both these morons are about as sincere as robert mugabe pretending to be president of zimbabwe. Do they do any good? No! Like all of these international funds to save africa these idiots come from the same deceitful agencies. They are money scammers and rather support genocide than help people. But the chattering classes embrace them because they are seduced by their music. A little pied piper maybe? Proof is in the pudding though. After over 50 years of publically advertising charity after charity to save or make better the conditions of Africa and its people, it still has an ugly death rate due to induced disease, lack of sanity and education and proper infrastructure. Now as I say, these sorts of campaigns and their stooges are living testimony of their own futility because they have achieved nothing in the scheme of things because Africa is today as it was 50 years ago. Dont believe me? Fine, just go and ask the people living there. As far as Bono quoting Jesus? Well its another jesus and not the Jesus proclaimed in the bible. The jesus Bone loves is the money grubby, play on your emotions, tele evangelist type jesus. What a sham but someone is getting rich out of it. Its not Jesus or the african people thats for sure.

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