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KKK Kramer

Richards, who played the wacky Cosmo Kramer on the hit TV show “Seinfeld,” appeared onstage at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood. Two guys, both African-American, were in the cheap seats playfully heckling Richards when suddenly, the comedian lost it.

and here’s the apology on Lateshow

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  1. ld says:

    Oh no. I’m so upset. Kramer was my favourite…well the character still is but the actor – he’s a sad sack white mother fucker that has just lost any respect I might ever had had for him. There’s some serious issues going on in there that’s for sure.

  2. cracker says:

    i think this issue is not that bad you see other comics insalt white people as well balcks and no one takes afence . RED NECK, HONKIE, CRACKER,HICK,TRAILER PARK TRASH, WHITEY, WIGGER, NONE OF THESE ARE OFFENSIVE IN THEY ARE FUNNY BUT AS SOON AS SOMEONE SAYS NIGGER A RED LIGHT GOES ON AND THEY ARE BLACKED BALLED AS THE KKK

  3. playtoh says:

    It was like a joke gone wrong, maybe at first he just wanted to insult and be funny, but it backfired. I think throwing words during a joke for the sake of comedy is different to trying to insult someone because they upset your show. Richards falls into the later category, he is supposed to be a professional, not a thug. It seems the even Richards himself is shocked at his own apparent prejudice. In his apology he talks about the after effects of hurricane Katrina, maybe Katrina has blown the racial divide wide open.
    On another note, isn’t it about time that all people start respecting difference rather than make excuses saying they all do it. There comes a time when someone MUST rise above and prove they will not stoop like others, THERE ARE NO EXCUSES, Richards had an opportunity to RISE above the insults, to prove he was not a Racist and make an example for others – he failed.

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