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Breast Cancer

Dressed to Kill
from Amazon.Com review:

When Soma and I did our research for Dressed To Kill we were not aware of how easily women can recover from fibrocystic breast disease by foregoing the bra. Bras, by their very design, alter the shape of the breasts for fashion. To alter breast shape you have to apply constant pressure on the breast tissue. That is why bras are elastic garments. This pressure from the bra impedes the circulation in the breast tissue, specifically, the circulation of the lymphatic system. This system is composed of microscopic vessels that originate in the breast tissue and drain the tissue of fluid, which is directed through these vessels to the lymph nodes. The lymphatic vessels are extremely thin and small, and have no pump, such as the heart, to propel its contents forward. As a result, lymphatic vessels are easily constricted by external pressure, such as that applied to the breast tissue constantly by the brassiere. It is compression of these lymph vessels that prevents the proper draining of the breast tissue, leading to fluid accumulation in the breast. Medically, this is called lymphedema of the breast, secondary to constriction from the bra. This fluid accumulation leads to breast tenderness and pain, and ultimately the fluid develops into cysts. The cysts over time become hard, and we have a picture of the creation of fibrocystic breast disease. Within days or weeks of ending breast constriction by bras, the breast tissue is allowed to flush out this excess fluid, cysts disappear, and breast pain and tenderness are minimal if at all present. From our research with hundreds of women, getting rid of the bra has resulted in remarkable recovery of breast health in over 95% of the cases. Since foregoing the bra for a month is cost-free and risk-free, and may prove beneficial, we encourage all women who wear bras to partake in a self-study to see for themselves, on themselves, whether their bras have been damaging their breasts. Keep in mind that breast disease is only a problem in bra wearing cultures. Women who are bra-free have the same breast cancer incidence as men. And don’t wait for the cancer detection and treatment industry to endorse this information before you try it. Billions of dollars are made each year treating breast cancer. Nobody will make money by women loosening up to prevent this disease. The prevention of breast disease is up to each individual woman. Just stop binding the breasts with bras in the name of fashion, and begin to love yourself and respect your body


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  1. joanne kunkel says:

    Thank you for this message, I also have been constricting my breast for vanity! I formed a lump in one side, got on to an olive leaf site, cut up my own leaves simmered and had taken a 1/4 cup three time daily, it took all of a month to completely rid of the symptoms, as I was very tender and fast developing swelling, this treatment no doubt worked! ! !
    totaly free…there are all sorts of treatments out there and they can work. thank goodness for natural remedies and there free. heavy metals we are now contending with, how to elimenate them from our bodies is next! any sujestion welcome. joanne

  2. playtoh says:

    I think that you are on the right track, eliminating toxins/heavy metals is the way to go. Therefore, unless you are already aware, be cautious of what you – put in – as well as what needs to be got rid off; stay natural and keep away from synthetic chemicals – polluted water, artificial foods, fake sweetners and vaccinations. Thanks for your comment Joanne.

  3. joanne says:

    your welcome. your right on the vacc. never did have my children done only our first one in Canada. she had her reaction and never again. All my five children are fine, no brain damage! My brother disputed me and his son has the effects of, they don’t believe you! And they can’t see! May I say that clay baths are amazing effect on the body GRASS ROOTS are right on that one! Thanks playtoh

  4. joanne says:

    Hi every one seems I’m the only one on this page! I might add that EPSON SALTS is a good old remedy for relieving ailments it draws out infermities! bath in it or packs hot water and salts..there are lots of info on the net, the body is a simple and balanced organisum. Seeking out the complexity of its function and needs is facinating seek while you can they are fast closing down sites.It seems our bodies are deprived of pectin, oxygen, alfalfa! the very elements they have targeted, stay away from seedles fruits….and hold to the Lord O WELL WHY NOT!!

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