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Chemtrails in Australia

I know that not all of you have either the bandwidth nor the time to watch the movies I have been lucky enough to find on the internet. However, one movie you need to watch, as boring as it may be, is the one about Chemtrails and Aerosols by researcher Clifford Carnicorn. I love looking at the clouds, so when I discovered articles about chemtrails I knew immediately that I have seen numerous over Adelaide. Yesterday morning, I saw a plane leaving a huge trail from Salisbury to Mt barker and who knows how much farther beyond the hills. Funny, but how the Hell can a small plane like that spray so much crap all over the sky ?, whatever it was blowing should be looked into, even if it was a contrail !


This is a big issue that needs clarification, if something is being sprayed, we need to know what it is.

A summary of what a chemtrail is (beside a conspiracy that is) . . . .:
source chemtrailcentral

Streaks of chemicals created in the air by sprays on airplanes. Chemicals are sprayed via planes for many purposes including crop dusting and mosquito control, however for chemtrail observer, chemtrails are the product of an active large scale operation.

Three main hypothesis:

Weather Modification : Ever since the development of seed clouds, we have had the ability to manipulate weather. Now, knowing the capabilities of The Military (HAARP), Weather manipulation leads to a strong viability. Canadian reporter William Thomas states ‘Chemtrails out of the closet’, and claims that it is one huge weather modification program. That is not working and making us sick !

Population Control: Knowing that our our Government does not care about what chemical or biological agents they contaminate us with, accidental or intentional, then it is safe to assume that this could be an intentional strategy to deplete our immunity.

Inoculation Program : Our Government may be releasing agents like vaccines into the air.

Chemtrails contain Barium, Alluminium, Titanium, Magnesium and Fungus. As if sparying insecticides and herbicides wasn’t enough. This all adds up on the assault on our immunities.

If your the kind of person happy to take your shot, then it’s just another conspiracy, however if you want to know more, here is some great advice and maybe learn more about how you can eliminate these toxins. Chelation Therapy

Found this photo while visiting chemtrailcentral forum:



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  1. Galatea Katsuragi says:

    There are chemtrails being formed for the past week over the gold coast (today is the 12th of July) i’ve got a pic of a very high flying white plane that emitted these trails.

  2. We too are watching, please upload any Chemtrail photos to
    Use the photo gallery and follow the links to the chemtrail gallery.
    Use the forum to start a journal of health and environmental indicators of effects that can be connected to the dates on others photos.

  3. Rick Nichols says:

    Google “Dandelion” and search “chemtrails” to find list of links to patent technology and research articles on “Vaporized Barium Dispersal.”
    Also, click on my name and go to youtube where I’ve collected world-wide chemtrail activism – over 125 videos
    Also, go to “” and watch/listen to his “2nd Session” under “Morgellon’s Disease”

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  5. Jim Dudgeon says:

    2/10/2008 Warra, Queensland, Australia

    Warra is about halfwar between Dalby and Chinchilla, about 200klms west of Brisbane.

    In the morning of the above date, chemtrails were seen, several photos taken.
    Two chemtrails in parallel appeared to originate from the westerly direction, proceeding towards Brisbane.

    Another chemtrail seemed to originate from a northly direction, proceeding towards Sydney.

    Another chemtrail could bee seen proceeding from a NWN direction, proceeding towards Sydney or Melbourne.

    After one hour, all chemtrails had not dissapeared, they had begun to merge together as a light grey/white mess, then by midday, it was noticed all chemtrails had merged.

    By mid afternoon it was blanked horizon to horizon, the colour of this “mess” was a distinct light brown, the light was noticably dimmer than normal.
    The atmosphere was not fresh or clean as it normally is.

    No rain overnight, overnight temp was hotter than usual, awoke to crystal clear skys.


  6. joanne kunkel says:

    Central west NSW. yes doing all public venues, first noticed this at our annual show 08. no one wonts to believe it! We experience weather control 1995 WarwickQld ,wrote an article in Nexus magaxine! Army air flight avacuated like a shot! But now they put it in our faces and bombard us all! everywere!! and no body bucks at it what can you do! Their deeds are deseatful and satanic ! freemasonary contrlols the New World Order,One World Bank, Religion! Population reduction! Makes us sick!! Their end will be that big old hole in hell!!! and they think their so clever no one escapes God wrath! just remember john 3: 16

  7. playtoh says:

    Thanks for comments and links. Great to see an awareness growing, hope fast enough to get some answers on this and all the other cover ups.

  8. icee says:

    I am from the East Coast and concerned about this polluting of the sky. It seems mega and what surprises me is no-one from our Enviromental Dept. seems to give a dash.. that.s scary. Who needs to worry about terrorists when these, because of the silence, terrorise everyone who has the brains to question… Look up Chemtrail Alert (daily) and compare to our weatherzone ????

  9. Watcher says:

    From Adelaide
    The past 2 weeks about every 3-4 days we have notices trails all over Adelaide City Metro, starting from the coast off Westlakes and head to the hills and back again making lines so far apart till they join. Started on the 14th/10/08 at 5.30am and continued until way after 3pm.
    The skys were so clear before it started, then hazy thick lines all over the sky. Criss crossing patterns that stood out so clearly.
    Took a few photo’s. I myself have been noticing this over the past year. I mentioned it to a few ppl who thought I was Nuts.

    • Tanj says:

      I will back you up on that my 3 y.o always points out the jet planes they were at it again on the 20th everyone driving home from work would have noticed them especially people heading for the hills. They look as though they are starting in the hills and going out to sea. I want answers I’m sick of the lies and deception so many peeps are walking around with blinkers on and caught up in the rat race

  10. icee says:

    a bit more from me .. John Howard asked us to report anything suspisious.. after 9/11 all planes should be able to be identified.. what annoys me is it is blatantly obvious that things are amiss in our sky and not a word. If anyone at the EPA looked up and saw what we see in the sky and ignored it .. that,s negligence of the highest order

  11. Middle Child says:

    I’m slightly west of Port Macquarie and Chemtrail spraying has been a pretty regular thing in the past weeks…always to the west of the large town and always on the same sorts of days – perfect days with a slight breeze…my sore throat always lets me know they are about and never wrong. I don’t know how come people cann see the skies criss crossed and striped like this with multiples and not notice.

  12. tuhetesse says:

    I read some of the posts and I think it is a great site. Sometimes I can’t help but show you my ticklish hints Do you want a fresh joke from net? Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide.

  13. joanne kunkel says:

    It looks like their in a hurry to speed things up! Parkes Dubboe Orange Oval out west being bombared last few days, still no one busks an eye lid boy people so are dumb! they think it’s the usuall jets. sore throats heart stomach ailments mental block!!!!. have a clay bath will draw out the heavy metals I’m yet to try!!!! Grass roots remedy! and good old fashion epson salts does a good job on cleansing! cancer cues galore out their!!! Olive leaves worked for me. and don’t forget the lord and if they lock me up I’ll share with those in side!!! and if they kill the body the lord has my soul for eternity John 3:16

  14. middle child says:

    Today saturday 15th the sky slightly west of Port macquarie is straffed with trails…at least eight that are clearly visible and others that have spread out…as with Joanne sore throat. I took photos and sent them to a local who is collating them…my daughter got the bright idea of adding a complete weather forcast available on nine msn or elsewhere…when she emailed me her photos. Should show a pattern… I was feeling so good this morning…now I feel shithouse

  15. icee says:

    please type in “Chemtrail Alert ” daily it covers the spray patterns for the world….very interesting indeed

  16. KK says:

    I went from Brisbane to Byron Bay on the 15th november 2008.
    We had really thick trails in the sky here, and I noticed a wispy grid that seemed to be still there. It was quite late, around mid-day so it looked like some were fresh and some trails had been there since morning.
    On the Sunday 16th we had the worst storms in brisbane in apparantly 20 years.

  17. Hey, I live in Mitcham Adelaide, and I’m seeing chemtrails constantly. I’m very scared. What on earth is going on? I am determined to call my local “Member of Parliament” – I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO THAT IS. I am an example of how ignorant the population at large is. We might have a real problem – I want to be healthy. I hope these aren’t secretly ruining our lives.
    But think about it, wouldn’t they be getting Mr Mike Rann – aswell?

  18. playtoh says:

    Dear Nicholas,
    You are in the Boothby Electorate and your representative is Andrew Southcott. Good odds if you get in contact with any member of parliament you will get the contrail story explaining this to be a normal phenomenon. While Mike Rann is one of the team, just like all the others, he probably doesn’t like being sprayed on nor told what he can and can’t do with his state: but enjoys the perks nonetheless. I am sure he can afford organic produce, clean water, air purifiers and a Doctor who does not peddle the big pharma poison campaign either. Lets hope he keeps GM crops out of South Australia. Unfortunately for Mr Rann, Mr Rudd and all other puppets, they don’t necessarily approve of the big bankers plan but have been trained well enough to obediently implement all orders from above.

    • Tanj says:

      He hasn’t kept gm out of SA the yanks bought up land in Mt Gambier and have been trialing GM crops for scientific purposes most of the local farmers are not happy.

  19. spook_13 says:

    I live near brisbane and im seeing chemtrails on a regular basis we need to do something about this. And what about those new automatic bug sprayers for indoors there poiseness and they make it sound good by saying that it contains a plant based active ingredient , who wants to breathing in bug spray all day. We need to form a resistance against our goverment.

  20. joanne says:

    are you kidding ! they’ll lock us up!!! new laws are instigated, including grave yards for three bodies at a time !! keep your selves well enough to be able to cope & check out the remedies don,t trust gov. med. dept. lots of good old rememedies out their, and keep in doors while sprayING ! other wise keep up your emune system! clay baths works wounders !!! apricot seeds great stuff! and the gov. wants to regulate it!!!! read Mt24;24 16:3 hypercrits! decern the signs of the times. Lk 21:25 signs in the moon sun stars! ! John 3:16 check out my web site I might paint them! and would you like a gooood electric guitar ! check us out! john kunkel guitars. don’t worry they know were we all are! just fight the good fight of faith! Luke 21 :36 and to escape all these things which are to come upon the whole world!!! no I’m not religious!

  21. middle child says:

    The first time I ever saw these chemtrails was in April 2006 after we moved out of town under big skies. I have a picture of my lovely best friend and life partner fo 35 years sitting in his wheelchair (he’c been a Quadriplegic foe decades) looking up at the chemtrails and with his mouth open… in wonder…we didn’t know what it was but wesoon found out. After 25 years of Quadriplegia and only one serious lung infection in all that time, he develloped the worst flu ever which nearly killed him. Then he was diagnosed with a mild heart condition. By December 2006 he was having trouble breathing properly. By April he was in RNSHospital to have the fluid drained from his pleural lining. Sadly the mongrel doctors butchered him and drained his ling as 10times the reccommended suction because the bastards couldn’t read their own writing. he was given a Pleurodesis which is usually done for terminally ill lung cancer and asbestosis sufferers…it was done as i was driving to the Sydney hospital. After a couple of respiratory arrests and five long weeks with his arms tied to the bed in ICU they let him die (here at home two hours after arrival. They kept him alive against his will as he knew his lungs were buggered three days after the so called surgery…The coroner is still looking into this.

    I believe a lot of the way he was treated was research, [erhaps not for Chemtrail damage, but because he was a long time Quad with multiple issues and I know that that hospital justablut runs on research.

    The connection with Chemtrails and what was done to him is that I can’t prove Chemtrails caused his lung problems, but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck chances are it is a duck.

    I get very congested when the Chemtrails are there, how much more serious for someone who had very limited lung capacity as a result of his condition…

    It will be the disabled, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems who go first…and they are. I feel my gentle man was one of these.

    I totally hate what they are doing and what they have done to countless people.

  22. spook_13 says:

    My astma is triggered way easier and is much worse when theres a haze from chemtrails lingering in the sky.

  23. icee says:

    they the elected ones, deny chemtrails, so let’s look at Weather Modification they are doing this and makes interesting reading, particularly aerosol spraying…. let them deny this is happening ..

  24. joanne says:

    Happy new year! check out our web site while you can!!! I have some good shots in our area, people are sick every were out west and not only out here! we enjoyed the Elvis festival too bad about the trails! even condobilin it was a beautifull evening, full moon clear skies, too bad the morning, was sucks!!! sore throats! and the gov thinks it’s wonderfull!! sorry about your friend their are lots of wonderful people out there we know who the idiots are.

  25. Josh says:

    I’m from brisbane australia, I moved to memphis tennessee USA for a year and while I was there myself and my family all noticed the trails in the sky, we had not seen anything like it at home and new it was not normal. I’m back in australia now and after seeing doco recently on youtube about them I have been doing some research.

    Today I was in my pool and looking at the clouds,,, I was about to mention to my partner they looked odd today, when I saw a jet crossing the sky and leaving the unmistakeable trail. I took photos, it stayed for about 15 mins before it slowly began to spread into cloud and merged with lots of other strange cloud formations. I think this kind of activity probably happens the most in australia when it is overcast. so no one notices.

  26. joanne says:

    Hi all! Chemtrails galore out west here keep in doors and close every thing up. My hubby has had a bad stomach I told him to stay insie and people with sore throat every where. Olive Leaf extra strength worked so well! And gargle good old remedies Epson and Carb soda (pinch) and don’t forget the GRASS ROOTS clay bath excellent, beat the bustards. Keep up your health, the hospitals are fast running out of puff soon we won’t have access, their making sure of that as in every thing else.
    Unfortunately not too many people notice, Patty out west says ‘what can you do’, it’s enough to contend with making a living growing sheep, the gov is making it tough, they would like to get rig of sheep all together I’m sorry for our young people.

  27. joanne says:


  28. wally says:

    Hi everyone im new here just letting everyone know there is heavy chemtrail activity spraying over adelaide today thursday the 26 of february and yesterday wednesday the 25 2009 what can we do about this who to speak to,People i tell laugh me off even while this spraying is happing right over our heads.

  29. playtoh says:

    Hey Wally, today is like a upsize day, lot’s of shit in the sky, that’s for sure. Maybe it’s all just a way of dumping waste; try and disperse all the waste chemicals as much as possible. I guess we could count ourselves lucky, at least they just spraying rather then sending them via missile. Don’t look up and enjoy the rest of your day.

  30. joanne says:

    War of the world! Have a good day you say,Hi guys, ours is S…… at the moment, my hubby just couldn’t handle it any more, this crap finally got the better of John, hospitals are full, he went in as extreme emergency! Chems. galore out west. All this filth will be THERE END!……If people can contend with the devastation of the fires, floods and their tragic loss we will contend with ours, a miner stroke but he will be alright! Lung heart and stomach is everyones ailment at the moment. They have thought of every thing possible to deplete the population! The simplicity of science and molecules if you have the knowledge to understand it and the wisdom to combat it! Never the less they have target us all!!! take care all

  31. joanne says:

    Good on the lady who dumped green slime on the politicion, she’s one guttsy Lady!and good on the body guards for not taking her in.She’s obviously lost a love one, were all in this together. Pray for one another especially as you see the day approaching….

  32. Mrs M says:

    I live near Bathurst NSW and we get chemtrails all the time. We notice now that on spraying days the Bureau of Meterology will have a forecast of high cloud – who are they fooling. We always get sore throats which sometimes develop into a viral illness. We are just recovering now from an attack which occured after spraying about two weeks ago.

    I am shocked that most people don’t even notice the lines running across our sky and the dirty filthy metallic haze that has spread across the sky by the afternoon. I find it really oppressive and it makes me feel sick to the stomach when I see it.

  33. joanne says:

    Yes a lot of people in hospitals lung bacteria! it is true we are as sheep to the slaughter! mathew 12:12 how much better are we then sheep! hold to john 3;16 that we may escape all these things which is to come upon the whole world Luke 21:36. We wrestle against rulers in high places. Keep to whatever cleanses! Epson Salts is ours and use lots of packs around the area. Our air is foul this morning and we live out in the country, check out glycerin! it’s a good extract of moisture from the air!!!! maybe that’s why our weather is so dry!!! We are defiantly in last days. They know who we all are, we are connected like dots, no one escapes the wrath of God!! They will see THERE END that big old hole and they will burn for eternity….Only the blind will not see what is going on in this world of ours, nice to hear from you Mrs M, I hope this gives you some comfort we are not alone in all this hold to Jn 3:16 he gives us the strength to endue all things….after all we are in the light that we may see, not blind to the facts..take care jo

  34. joanne says:

    Again we are being bombarded yesturday evening last night and today, it’s amazing how many people just don’t see until we alert them, exstreemly heavy trails, they are clouds with out rain!
    boy thats sounds a bit like scripture!I think ministers are a bit like that!Well it’s good talking to you all Well Have a nice day as they say….

  35. joanne says:

    It is inevitable that things are going to get worse, so much more on the plate to throw at us. Mental health is much to be concerned about. They brain wash and destroy our youth, Mental institutions all over the world…MAC’s foods. ect. ect. It is enough that we older people contend with brain deterriation! Let alone brain fog and block….
    If you think these Chems are bad what about our WATER…our very existence! ! Subtle! Subtle!….

    Men (more so the wicket) is vent on destroying it all! Food, Air, Water, our Freedom, our jobs…our very existence, and they think they are scott free!…If this is being a Doomsdayer… He’s not wrong when he says they are BLIND! This world did not come by chance! If he created this world what has he got in store for those of John 3:16…BC & AD 2009…As in the days of Gomoroh and Noa so shall it be!…He has given us a mind and a conscience, we have a choice.. But if it be seared with a hot iron ….their is no conscience. It is a beautiful world out there, but if it be destroyed by men, how it must grieve him so…..
    We have five children and they have a life to live, but have to contend with these very issues. We are not blind as others are and we all contend with our daily lives but when you! Are affected the tables turn… He gives us the strength to endue all these things which is to come upon the whole world, and he most certainly fights our battles. We are not scot free of all the term oils! We have had our fare share…Put off the cares and desiring the things of this world, and be free…Have nothing! Loose nothing! Our love ones are our most precious commodity. He’s not far wrong when he’s say’s we are as sheep! Fattened up for the slaughter! They are as barking dogs and we are as sheep…sifted trough as wheat from the chaff. If any one knows what sheep are like, they will get the whole picture, as how we are like sheep!!! Look out for the wolves!!!
    And what if you are as a dumb ass!! Clouds with out rain!!! Love that good Old King James version, and Sword searcher!

    And what about SHOPPING!!!! and good old SPORTS!!! consume us and there’v got us preoccupied, our poor young people are hooked barrel and sinker…we literally worship these things! So where not looking! BLIND US ! to the Gov.s deceitfulness! (craftiness) Wolves ready to devour!!! ROB us!!! Don’t we love our money!! If you have much, you have much to loose ….wow unto those that call good evil and evil good…watch your mind ….your heart …. and your soul…don’t let them rob you of that!!! You have a choice Heaven or Hell ! Would you like to go down with those bustards in that big old hole!!! And meet the Devil himself and all those who do evil? Not too hard to make a decision, after all we see lots of buildings with demonic symbols, masonry structures… give us the full picture of what they are about!
    Thank’s Platoh for your site some one might read this! hope I hav’nt scarred any one off! At least I give them a little glimmer of hope or no hope at all!!! have a nice day, as they say!

  36. playtoh says:

    Let’s hope people will start waking up! at least lets get to the stage where common sense can be valued rather than ridiculed before we get scooped up and dumped in some mass grave somewhere. It seems that the U.S government is now admitting to Aerosol spraying along with torture etc etc. etc. but maybe that’s because the horse has already bolted and it’s too late to do something about it OR and this is probably the case, the sheeple will still refuse to face reality even when the FOX is disclosing the true agenda.

  37. joanne says:

    Foxes have holes but the son of men has no place to lay his head! Good one Playtoh! The cart is surely smashed and the horse is surely bolting!!
    In the end when your destitute, hungry and of thirst, who do we call in time of need….in the end men will loose their compassion one for another. It is the attitude of the heart that counts ….men look on the out side, God looks on the inside. Where all accountable for our own deeds, and we will be judged accordingly. There is one to fear! For greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world!!!!
    Thanks Playtoh for allowing me to express my views much appreciated.

  38. joanne says:

    Check out our web page ‘We come from the land down under were women roar and men chunder’!!!!! And when the going gets tough, the tough get going!!!

    • bretto says:

      how do i get in contact with you about your guitars? i wanted to speak to john about what amps would go good with his guitars.



  39. joanne says! joanne says! joanne says! does’nt any one else see theses bloody chemtrails! apparently not! Hi playtoh it might be a bit dangerous to have me on your site at the momment!!!I might just tell those bustards where to go….but then I already know where they are going!
    Hi Playdoh How are you and your new little adittion to your family? you know what really works when your full of all this stuff for what of a better word! good old caster oil!!! that will move it out of your system!!!! that’s what my mother gave to us kids when we were in a bad mood. made my hubby better, Whoops now they’ll be on to us! There dumping this evening those big old birds above. I think they might need a good old dose of caster oil too!!!!! then we’ll really be in trouble! I guess spring has sprung I’m glad cows dont fly! I’ve got some new art on my site joanne kunkel art enter…you may enjoy my nude lanscape…’Dust to Dust’ O well seems no one is responding to this site, maybe they need a dose… have a good night playtoh thanks for your site, Chemtrails has hit the U-tube top of the hit list! so my son told me.

  40. joanne says:

    you may erase me if you like playtoh I might be a bit obscene but chemtrails might be doing a good job of that…brain disorder! I think I have! but then I might have nurrose disease!so they keep telling us! does anybody have this problem also…I hear a large persentage of the population has this nurro problem….amongst other things!I think I need a spelling check… but then I have dislexy..if you look this word up it says dislikable….cherrs jo

  41. kronos1 says:

    Chemtrails! The nsw south coast has been regularly bombed for years. Nothing new to me. No guessing where the next pandemic will come from and then there is climate change as a result of this constant bombing – all shams or devices of harm of course. Just wait until Copenhagen and our sovereignty is signed away come next month then things will get nasty. Just use this link below and be horrified at what ‘Kevin 07’ is doing. Some may call it High Treason? Is there any other conclusion after reading such an article? Probably not unless you are a friend of Al Gore! Yuk!!!!!

  42. mark says:

    Adelaide, late last month saw the chemtrails all over the place, one plane in particular created a grid. About a week later, half the people in my office were ill.
    And the spraying continues, in time with the push to scare everyone into getting the H1N1 vaccination.

  43. Juzo says:

    Just saw a massive trail over the west of Melbourne 10mins ago. A hugh plane with 4 jet engines spew out one long streak of white chemicals for about 30 kms. Checked back 15mins later and the cloud had virtually blended in to the sky as a mist!

    What the hell are they doing? I have my theory based on some research if anyone is interested.

    • kronos1 says:

      Yes, go ahead Juzo. Give us your theory. Also for anyone interested go to and listen to Brian wilshire between 22:00-23:59 every week night, Mon to Fri, and listen to Brian Wilshire live. One of the few people talking about nwo events. If you are interested in chemtrailing then you will be interested in Wilshires radio programe.

  44. kronos1 says:

    Melbourne Cup day in Sydney had absolutely atrociously hot and sticky weather. It was fine and a little crisp in the morning but then came the chemtrails. As soon as the chems came then the humidity went imagination. The glare and heat were horrible. If there were anything true about global warming (which there isnt) then chemtrails would be your answer for unseasonably hot days because the crap they spray in the sky doesnt allow the earths heat to escape into the atmosphere. Its just one big barium blanket.

  45. playtoh says:

    Yeah, real strange that Adelaide is having a ‘HEAT’ wave, and those F###*** planes keep pissing in MY FACE. My daughter loves those colorful lines in the sky just before Sunset. I should have time lapsed today. Non-stop Action.
    Maybe they are prepping us for the ‘strangely un-seasonal ‘SWINE” flu ready to hit our ‘Seasonal’ Airports. Just as Alex tells us ‘YOU CAN”T MAKE THIS UP!’
    Thanks for the tip about 2GB Radio, love to listen to anyone talking reality.

    • kronos1 says:

      No worries Playtoh, good to get everyone listening to 2GB as they are the only ones going public on alot of these issues whilst the other media outlets remain oppressed and controlled to dumb down the chattering classes. The sky at 8:50am on the nsw south coast was clear, now at just 9:02am the sky is being bombed with s###! that we all have to breathe. My health declines when we have heavy spray days and so does my neighbours. All of this it is hidden in plain site, thats the remarkable thing about it. If you get the chance get yourself a dvd called ‘Dont Talk About The Weather’. A copy of this can be purchased on ebay or I could send you on a copy. Its a very telling dvd and one that everyone should watch -simply cant be denied. Yes, they poison the water as well as the air – then there are the chemicals in everyday food. We have been sold out big time.

  46. playtoh says:

    oh, my theory is: they poison our water, then why the heck not poison our air. Might be useful for ‘weather modification’ but hey that would only be a bonus, not the modus operandi. On seconds thoughts, maybe it is the other way around.

  47. kronos1 says:

    Everyone reading this should take the time to read this article from the Baltimore Chronicle if they have any interest in swine flu(?) and the link with aerial spraying. Pandemics dont happen by accident no matter what the men in white coats or pollies tell you. Heres the link;

  48. Juzo says:

    Well I might sound like a crack pot but here goes:
    They are preparing the sky for HAARP and also for a unearthly presentation in the sky (think of a projector) all in the preparation for ascendance of the anti-christ posing as a saviour. If you just spat your coffee out laughing look into Bohemian Grove on youtube – some really wierd sh!t our leaders get upto.
    The occult on the grandest scale!
    So how does spirituality come into it?? Because I think our known universe is on the lowest plane of existance and our souls are our link to the higher planes. But anyway, the occult or “illuminati” want us to stay trapped here as slaves to their existance as all powerful over this layer of existance.
    The devil rules this existance (again look at Bohemian Grove), if our most powerful people are into it, why does it sound so stupid? And if there is a devil then there is his creator – God. Eienstein even thought that because of the complexity of the universe he could not rule out a God.
    I think the reality is chemtrails are just scratching the surface of this matrix.

    I could also be completely wrong but the evidence points to some astray…what? I don’t really know

  49. playtoh says:

    I have read about project ‘Blue Beam”, so don’t go calling yourself a crackpot, just leave that one to the ‘sheeple’. Was good to read that article as mentioned by kronos1, Lendman contributes to some well respected research institutions, so idiots can’t say he’s just another conspiracy nut. I can’t state my source, but I have been told by someone who works in government, that we are not as loopy as people like to make us, and we certainly are being sprayed – but of course this is all classified info.
    Speaking of ‘new age’, how about the Roman Catholic church welcoming Anglican Ministers AND THEIR WIVES.
    I sometimes listen to P.I.D radio and VFTB, where Sharon and Derek often talk about the ‘new age’ movement as a threat to Christianity. So it’s not that far fetched to imagine a virtual ‘sky show’ or a real ‘alien invasion’ in the very near future.

  50. Lizzie says:

    Great to see so many people on to this. Can’t wait for the day when we are no longer the crazy ones, however, it will be a sad day when we are saying, “I told you so…”

    I see the chemtrails everywhere. I get told they are VAPOUR trails, but I don’t think any vapour trail lingers ALL DAY, resulting in a blanket of thick smog over my head. I almost can’t remember the look of real sky and clouds. Maybe if more “sheeple” knew how our skies ought to look, then we would know that this grid-like chemical cover is UNNATURAL.

    With claims of medical and scientific breakthroughs, oughtn’t we be healthier than ever. But what is it, 1 in 3 people in Australia will be diagnosed with cancer ????

    Er, 1 + 1 = 2

    P.S. Looking for a wading pool for my daughter but am worried about the nasty chemicals that leach out of plastics and PVC. Anyone know of any safer options?

    Happy Sky Gazing!

  51. kronos1 says:

    Glad that you liked the lendman article Playtoh. Other articles relating to pandemics/ chemtrails are those exposing Tony Abbot the then Liberal health minister under the howard government speaking of body bags (expensive non leak type) being distributed at varying ‘secret’ locations around Australia in the event of a pandemic. This is very telling of what must come to pass in my opinion and I believe it to be well orchestrated. Aerial spraying is the catalyst to such a thing from what I can gather. maybe what we are seeing now contributes to the weakening of our immune system and then on any given day a pandemic could be released? If what I am suggesting has any credence then that is mass depopulation or putting it simply mass genocide. For those interested please Google ‘Georgia Guidestones’ and basically you will see the stone tablets with the unholiest of commandments which is the satanic set agenda for the new world order. Its very brazen but what is often out in the public place is very easily dismissed as truth and is mostly ridiculed by the sheeple. Its very cunning really! The Bible speaks of a coming great delusion. I agree with comments made by Juzo and applaud Playtoh for speaking such honesty in regards to an alien invasion but it will come as a twist – it will be the demonic that have always been with us since Genesis. That time isnt far from us.

  52. trillion says:

    i’ve witnessed chemtrails in adelaide and melbourne over the last few weeks. i have photos too.

    and i made this song/video on chemtrails for any doubters out there.

    • trillion says:

      i forgot to mention… this video doesnt contain the new photos of chemtrail over adelaide and melbourne. i shall compile them soon into a video format. thanks

  53. jo says:

    WOW! thanks for your comments guys! now I can show others I’m not alone! Thanks for the video’s It says in john 7:38 ‘Out of our bellies flow living waters’ if you check this word out you will be amazed of it’s qualities…. I wonder that he has’nt given us to know the secrets of his statements for our use in these times of fowl putridness!. In saying all this I have discovered such healing powers! freely freely have I given!! Add this one to your healing remedies! It’s all over the net!
    Let me now if anyone has figured this out! It may save your life! now if any one thinks I’m mad , my father use to say to me ‘ If in doubt, speak and remove all doubt!

  54. Kronos1 says:

    Better read this everyone. It may head our way and soon? Frightening stuff but what do you do? Be aware or bury your head in the dirt? The choice is yours. Heres the link;

    Not for the faint hearted understandibly. But hey, its their world – I’m just livin in it! And by the way, do your research on vaccinations. I wont be taking them!

  55. playtoh says:

    Thanks for your comments and concern. It is a ‘breath of fresh air’ to finally talk about this phenomena without being looked at as if I am a nut. In fact, for the first time ever, all kinds of people are asking me what the F*** is going on. You might be interested to read an article by Anna Yashchenko who interviewed Dr. Victor Bachinsky. He swears that the use of anti-biotics has caused the high mortality rate. Article can be found here: Cheers.

  56. Kronos1 says:

    Right on Playtoh. Antibiotics are diabolical at best, they are all about weakening the immune system and creating other maladies as a result. Eat a chook from any chicken outlet (fast food take away) and there is a 90% chance you will have digested that many antibiotics you could fill a medicine cabinet. Vaccinations equally as bad. All supplied by the elite of this world who own the drug/ pharmaceutical cartels. Its both a tool to make money and to reduce population at the same time. Add to that the chemtrails in the air, the fluoride in the water and the artificial additives in foods and humanity wont be travelling too well for too long. Do your research on ‘Codex Alimentarius’ which comes into force on the 31st of December 2009 at midnight. How many people know about this? Hardly any! But it is set to affect everyone on planet earth. they just arent aware or sick enough to realise yet! Bible refernce regarding drugs on a massive scale can be found in Revelation 9:21 and 18:23. The word sorcery found in these two verses if translated into the original greek dialect means ‘pharmakeia’. Think about it!

  57. Kronos1 says:

    Hi Everyone. Just reporting that the nsw south coast has been a total ‘white-out’ for the past 3 days (not smoke from the bushfires, this is high altitude spraying) and the temperature has been sitting around 40 degrees. Not pleasant by any means. Jo if you are out there can you tell me if they are bombing out west? Gotta wish we had those wonderful blue skies that we took for granted not so many years ago.

  58. jo says:

    Boy you hit the nail on the head there! about the phamakeria! how much we all depend and trust the medical profession. my husband was on about that for years especially after his big heart opp. he refused to take them and in the end it’s the chemtrails thats getting to him and us all! Last night my sister sat out side with the dog and watched the very unusual black sky rumbling, very scarry! not your usual thunder it was quite frightening the dog wanted to get inside the house! this morning on the ABC radio the lady commented on the very very black dark scarry clouds. she had never seen anything like it. We are indeed in dark days ahead, for those that believe we are indeed in rev.16 and against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world. you are not alone we are contiually being sprayed apon, drifts of berrium cloud mass ext. I warn our children all the time to alert them as to know that this is happening! thanks for your words of comfort we are not alone in all this. Seek ye the kingdom of God…..rev 7:16 They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more; neither shall the sun light on them, nor any heat. Beat the heat and come unto his glory! Cheers Jo and drink the living water!

    • Kronos1 says:

      Hi Jo, thanks for the reply! Yeah the pharmakeia and where it is linked to is very telling. Almost in Rev 16 but not quite yet. Very close! I am sorry to hear about your husband and he is right about not relying on the medical fraternity as a final solution to regain wellbeing. However I can tell you that there may be something he can do to regain his health. Look up ‘Sota Instruments’ or Dr Robert Beck. Read the findings on the electronic pulsar that was supressed by the powers that be. This was discovered by Tesla but was quickly suppressed from the public. Beck goes into how the pulsar can aid the immune system amongst other things including illnesses caused by aerial spraying. This is well worth a try as it seems to get good results and there is no con involved – as in no money required if you are able to make the device yourself? I can help you out with some of the equipment if need be (saves you money) but you will need a bit of an electronics nerd to piece it together. The thunderstorm sounds eerie, Myself and my family maybe moving out west in the near future and I was hoping for a breath of fresh air but I am obviously not going to get any am I.

  59. Kronos1 says:

    Hi once again everyone. Just letting you know that tomorrow Friday 27th November that Alan Jones on 2GB will be having a web poll going for the public to use to vote against this emmissions trading scheme that is going ahead at the moment which is against the will of the people. Basically if this ets gets through parliament we sign away our sovereignty to the united nations so I urge everyone to get onto 2GB and vote with their computer to put an end to this madness created by nwo stooges. Whats this got to do with chemtrails you may ask? Plenty! But there isnt enough time in the day nor space on the page to go into it. Heres the link Many thanks for those that will participate. Our country is at stake but few realise due to media blackouts on the topic (controlled media) however any growing awareness is a good thing.

  60. Kronos1 says:

    I urge everyone to listen to this interview with andrew bolt exposing the fraud of the ets and the blatant liars we have for politicians. If you dont listen to anything this year via the web I can tell you that this shoud not be missed. If you have friends, family and love this country listen to this and then pass it on to everyone as quickly as possible before it is too late!! Think im kidding or I am a nutter? Go and listen and make up your own mind, I would love to hear anyones response after they have heard this. This is URGENT and SERIOUS!!!!
    Here is the link.

  61. Thanks for the tipKronos! I have just sapped myself 9volt! made me jump!!I think i’ll run and get a battery! my hubby or sister would’nt wire up! so I was the guinnea pig! when your desparate you try anything! and i’m always trying new ideas!
    We are just having a Big Dust storm!
    Thanks for the links! They will be exposed for what they are.

  62. SpellingError? says:

    Don’t you mean Contrails?

  63. playtoh says:

    More to the point, to be PC correct, this phenomenon is called: DOE ARM Indirect, Direct, semi-direct aerosol scattering.

  64. SpellingError? says:

    The sense ‘aerosol’ is being used refers to combustion waste.

    They’re looking at how exhaust interacts with the atmosphere and clouds, primarily for better atmosphere and climate modeling.

  65. Jo Blow says:

    What! I can’t believe what you just said! are you saying this is a good thing? They were sure doing a lot of that yesturday in Orange! Parkes! On our way home we got some good shots criss crossing our big blue skies, especially in the evening sun set! This crap is making us sick! But this is nothing compared to the effect of mind control ect! Tesla…. we have our own little battle with a neighbour as to microwave laser attacks! does anyone have any info on that one? boy hard one to prove this! has killed four people in our street so far and now zapping my sister. this barstard is going to be found out! I’m not only an electronic nerd but a very good detective!!!!
    By the way I got the Dr Beck electronic gadget working try battery pulse christmas lights! only $3…works real good…now I wonder to it’s real powers of it’s intentions!!! Errase me if you like Playtoh the gov. is trying hard to do so!

  66. playtoh says:

    Yesterday, all day, and then in the evening here in Adelaide. What can I say, just WOW, I have never seen so much shit in the sky. Absolutely amazing how we just live with this crap and hardly anyone says boo.

  67. Jo Blow says:


  68. Kronos1 says:

    Well guys, the south coast is pretty much putrid as well. The bombing commenced late in the afternoon and continued into the night. You can expect an extremely hot summer this year because the ‘ETS’ is now under scrutiny as to its legitimacy so they need to justify the cause of so called ‘global warming’. The threat went out last week in parliament when Julia Gillard (deputy PM) said that maybe australians or the opposition would change their minds about an ‘ETS’ after ‘A Long Hot Summer’ – emphasis added! In other words spew crap in the skies and create a blanket that locks in humidity and there is your global warming artificially induced. Also note Penny Wong (minister for climate change) added that global warming is responsible for bushfires and disease. Makes you wonder? I suppose there could be some reprisal for the public dishonoring the ETS? The same ‘ETS’ back on the agenda come February next year (2010). The battle against the populous continues.

  69. SpellingError? says:

    Joe Blow

    “What! I can’t believe what you just said!”

    This is your problem.

    “are you saying this is a good thing?”

    This bit doesn’t help your problem either, running off into flights of fancy and all.
    (If it helps, I’m not saying it’s either)

    If you need to worry about pollution, worry about old shitty cars, not planes.

  70. SpellingError? says:

    *either a good thing or a bad thing.

  71. playtoh says:

    Emptierhead aka SpellingError? – you are missing the point. Yes we are worried about pollution BUT what people are talking about here is the obvious spraying of ‘something’ other than what is perceived to be ‘natural’ exhaust emission or ‘natural’ water vapor. If there is something being sprayed on us, and we are intentionally not being told what it is, then it could be very dark and sinister stuff – might even KILL YOU!. A inconvenient by-product of a necessary transport to work as a slave is a far cry from a test subject in a cage being used for military experiments. One can happily debate how we can give people new greener cars, but the idea of taxing people to involuntarily use them as guinea pigs for your military experiments is insane. But then again, one must be insane to buy into carbon trading(ETS) in the first place.

    • Kronos1 says:

      I concur playtoh. To be brainwashed into an ‘ETS’ fraud is to render oneself into the catagory of insanity. Car pollution never concerned the world before but now all of a sudden the panick is on for all things that emits CO2? and why? Every reason given as to why is now a proven fraud and the dooms dayers are having a hard time backing up out of their fear campaign to cover up their lies and nonsense that would lead us into a global governance as Kevin Rudd would so politely put it. This would take us back into the dark ages you realise. Old cars certainly are no problem, the elites of the world drive plenty of them. If old cars are a problem then let the elites lead by example and turn all of them into scrap metal and whilst on the topic, Al Gore needs to sell his water front mansion due to rising sea levels that he is always convincing the world about. But if anything of this age needs to be addressed with an environmental concern (if thats anyones motivation as it is a free world last I checked?) it should be these bloody awful chemical trails that lace the sky. They are so damn obvious and we havent seen the likes of these since the late 90’s but more so in the last few years especially. I think the old addage is coming true playtoh! You know the old saying ‘There is something rotten in the state of Denmark’!!!! That something rotten in Denmark would be Copenhagen wouldnt it? Chemtrails as we know them are a bigger issue than most like to concern themselves with and we the questioners are written off as eronious opinion makers. Still the fact remains that these trails are hidden in plain sight. Very cunning.

    • SpellingError? says:

      The if in ‘if there is something being sprayed on us’ is where this whole thing splutters a bit.

      The burden of proof, unfortunately, lay with the claimant.

      This would involve, I dunno… planes, monitoring equipment, a good understanding of atmospheric particulates, both sources and levels; and some understanding of combustion chemistry. All a bit too hard really.

  72. Kronos1 says:

    Heres a good one-liner from an infamous and murderous despot. People need to wake up and know history always repeats itself;

    “What good fortune for governments
    that the people do not think”. Adolf Hitler

  73. chez says:

    I am in the ACT and the sky was full of chemtrails on saturday, 14 trails in all.
    does anyone know where in Australia is the least sprayed??

    • Kronos1 says:

      Hi Chez. Well I am east of you on the NSW South Coast so we must be sharing chemtrails one way or another as they drift inland or out to sea which ever way the wind is blowing. Your question is a prudent one I must say! I wish I had an answer? To guess I would probably say anywhere that there is little population or primary industry. Its all about weakening the masses and destroying industry ultimately. I was out visiting a friend at Peak Hill about two months ago and the sky was full of aerial spraying (My mate didnt notice them???) so if they are spraying out that far then where does it end? The mind boggles.

  74. nwo says:

    Did a search on chemtrails and bible codes (Jewish hebrew version of the original bible) and
    found this info, there is a covert plan going on under our noses, it is happening all over the world, it’s called depopulation.

    This could be the 1st stage, put shit in the fuel, poison the air we breath over several years, people start dropping like flies, making people weaker/sick/subserviant so they are easier to control. Those that are left are enslaved to the NWO.

    The Bible codes reveal that Chemtrails are ordered by the Oval Office and financed through the Navy and operated by the Naval Command. The Chemtrail Operation is a “cleansing” operation of murder and assassination by aerial assault against mankind. The Chemtrails are contaminating our air, water, and food supply all through a government funded project named Cloverleaf.

    Other terms associated with Chemtrails in the Bible Codes: Poison, intoxicant, drug, venom, virus, death, FEMA, sepsis, contamination, vaporization, evaporation, dissolvent, entrails (intestines), asthma, sky, daily, cripple, disable, dimensional, butane, arsenic, arid, acidification, bad, severe, acute, serious, evil, wickedness, atrocious, ill, chemical

    It’s a Satanic Global Plan… Who Knows what the truth really is. Just don’t ever accept the ID chip that’s in the pipeline as well if you live through stage one of the plan.

  75. nwo says:

    Also found this bit of interesting reading:

    There has been some research done by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger that shows that chemtrails are nanomachines which get ingested, then use your body to create those fibers. And if it is true that one of the effects is to damage your immune system, with open sores on the skin, it is a recipe for disaster.

    or visit her site:

    This person seems to have some scientific knowledge of what is happening to the environment.

  76. Yes Yes Yes! you guys are so spot on! It seems like we need a good cleansing! I have my carb soda Baths and packs! seems to draw out those little bugers!!! …all roads lead to Rome…666 chip chip chip! Got onto a good site ‘Electronic Harassment’ this is what we are dealing with at the momment. Were going to get this zapping neighbour and all his friends. Boy we contend with a lot of SH..! IN THE END THEY WILL GET THEIR JUSTICE REWARD AND HE WILL DISTROY ALL THEIR EVIL DEEDS… As if it’s not enough that we contend with the Gov. issues we have a real bad neighbour that needs to be zapped! ‘love thy neighbour’ yes! then vengeance is the Lords!
    My son is from Newcaswell he enjoyed your comments. Gave him a bit of reality of whats going on. Not like some we know!

  77. nwo says:

    Anyone notice the Con/Chemtrails on the 22nd Dec, yesterday over Adelaide, Barossa region, I photographed over 7 sky streamers, they drifted for over 40 km morphing into a haze cloud with a unique texture. One was definitely not a contrail, this stuff was gradually falling from the sky.

    I have posted some pics online for those who think the minority of us are nuts who question whats going on in our skys.

    I’d like to hear the environment minister explain to us what they really are up to.

  78. Hi everyone! ‘Barium’! What a good substance to put in the air ! Now we can be Monitored even better ! And microwave us with radiation ect…. has anyone twigged on this one.
    Not only the air we breathe but our minds. How subtle… But life goes on as normal, to the un- suspecting crowd. Fool me one, fool me twice!
    What about the plight of PETER SPENCER SOS and all the farmers out there with similar issues.
    So much to bare…Give land back to nature! Rid our land of those so called farmers!
    How CORRUPT is our so called RULERS….HOW DID THESE GUYS GET IN ALL OF A SUDDEN… am I putting my life on the line ! So be it ! Aren’t we all!
    Guess what! Parkes Elvis Festival is on today. Guess What! Aerial spraying!!!!

  79. tel01 says:

    Hi all, Im from adelaide and have just started noticing this stuff going on and am researching, but alot of sites have kind of gone dead since last year…any new news as to whats happening??????

  80. dougalass says:

    Hi guys its such a good feeling to see many different people getting involved in this … can everyone on here become a member of the FACEBOOK site CHEMTRAILS AUSTRALIA & INTERNATIONAL ,,, I think we can reach a hell of a lot of people on there to create more awareness,,, and more awareness leads to more evidence by local people!!! ok guys have a good day,,,

  81. Dan says:

    Adelaide got hammered about 2 weeks ago for about 7 days straight. There were at least 20-30 planes a day spraying which is the most ive ever seen.
    Now there is a spike here in respiratory illnesses after blue skies for 2 weeks and the odd normal passenger jet flying over but not one chemtrail. Im amazed more people dont notice this kind of thing.
    Now my dad is sick with some sort of lung infection.
    Ive heard some one say that the various flu vaccines are actually a bonding agent which allows whatever is in the chemtrails to bond to the lungs. If you didn’t have any vaccine then the chemicals that are being sprayed are ineffective.

    My dad had the swine flu vaccine and probably the flu shot. Just a little bit scary..

    • erix says:

      Wow I dont need to Register to comment! cool. Broome and Derby WA are getting this stuff sprayed on thick!!! I dont know a single person other than my self that believes the jet planes are spraying chemtrails on us. To me you need to be blind not to notice the changes around them. My youtube vid.

      Broome WA Gillard chemtrails, world order made it too the Kimberleys, Australian government

      Glad I found this page, it reassures me the world leaders are sick minded people.

  82. alpha to emega says:

    Thanks to Joanne k who has opened my eyes and all those who contribute ….the info was helpful and Yes i have recent pics of chemtrails over Warialda NSW -the planes where crop spraying? Low altitude, calm, am, no wind, hot -Shortly after Hayfever, asthma, headaches, Itchy skin,watery sore eyes, general feeling like xxy and tired….. Medication for 24hrs …. Put it down to the pollens and grasses? Not so….Be more alert nxt time and take cover, close up and keep a record thanks platoh, joanne and all

  83. Rose says:

    The storm in Brisbane today in two bursts was due to chemtrails seen over Boonah two days before. Many had headaches yesterday. Now you know why.

  84. Jed Roe says:

    This is from Author JLY (Just Like You) in response to the question why, what and who are spraying our skies.

    They are building clouds, big enough to consistently block out the sun. Conveniently along the way this white haze will heat the planet up (thin cloud gives you more Skin Cancer). The Cartel in control will be telling you this soon via your Idiot Box. They will say “that Nature is cruel and they can save you from the nasty Sun”. LOVE THE SUN
    The Cartel also know that you cannot kill the masses by heating up the planet, but you can by cooling it down – Sucker.
    If you go to the Wankapedia section of Wikipedia and type in Solar Radiation Management, under Geo Engineering, you will read that SRM is only theory. Presently, what the Cartel is spraying is a WFS “White Fibrous Substance” it is in all lower layers of the atmosphere and people will become slowly sicker, and thats got to be “Pharma Joy” (if you haven’t already noticed we are all becoming much sicker and your Idiot Box cannot expain why – Wake Up GEN X, the TV is your enemy). You now drink it, eat it and breath it in. Nano Aluminum particles inhaled equals Emphasemia and or Dimensia.
    So now you know that the Cartel is quietly ceasing your existence and thinks your Blood Line is expendable, what are you going to do about it.
    Also the WFS traps smoke, smog, etc, collectively they are a form of pollution, nature normally does a fantastic job of removing these, but the Cartel is attempting to noble the process…..think – look.
    “Fear not the Zombies rising from the dead, you are already here. Protect your Planet People and have a nice day :-)”

    Live a long happy life please


  85. Lymelight says:

    Perth copping it big time last two years. Feel the sun burning now they have destroyed the ozone layer. Never hear about that anymore on the tel lie vision…

  86. Mark says:

    I have recently noticed over the past 12 monthes theres alot of chem trails going on around the central west why are the mongrels manipulating with the weather obviously they dont care maybe they have alot to do wiyh farmers being in drought causing them yo shoot the live stock and a few fatmers have even shot them selves its a flaming disgrace to the aussie race and its gone on for far to long now maybe Australian citizens should shoot the mongrels down down why poison humans with aluminum and crap

  87. Peter says:

    There is a fleet of Qantas turbo prop bombardier dash 8 planes that can be observed almost daily dropping white stuff from Brisbane out over Dalby Chinchilla way sometimes all day and also from Brisbane northwest over Conondale state forest often circling over the forest area west of Malaney (No they are not filling in time before they land).These planes although being passenger planes have obviously been fitted out for spraying. Whenever a potential rain front is heading across western Qld they get busier than ever.This we observe is continually (breaking up) good rain clouds resulting in no or very little misty rain.No wonder Qantas has picked up a little financially.Wonder who’s paying for it?And if you want to observe this phenomena yourself than check daily on flightradar24.You will see for yourself that before the culprit lands back at the airport that they turn their radar tracker off so that you can’t actually record their plane landing.We will find out one day just who the operations guys are involved in all this crao.Poor deceived guys probably think they are doing their bit to save the world of help defense.

  88. samantha sullivan says:

    I live in orange nsw i see chemtrails here every night now. Covers our skies nightly now after bout 11.30pm on for about 2-3hrs 😞

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