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War with Iran Imminent

Moves toward War with Iran: Part 2


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This exerpt is from a two part article: part 1

The first step toward war is to prepare the public. That step was partly taken in the 2005 “National Defense Strategy” which proclaimed that “America is a nation at war” and warned that “At the direction of the President, we will defeat adversaries at the time, place, and in the manner of our choosing ….”

The second step is to show that alternative methods to cope with the proclaimed threat to the security of the United States have not worked. To this end, the United States has approached the UN Security Council as a whole and its members individually to discuss what they are willing to do. The response was lukewarm.

The Europeans have talked of sanctions, but they will be opposed by China and Russia which stand to lose crucial revenue and access to oil as Turkey and Jordan did in the 1990s. In any event, even draconian sanctions would be unlikely to deter the Iranian government from actions it believes necessary for its survival. So the Neoconservative advisers advocate military attack. more


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  1. ld says:

    One of the questions raised is about the overarching power (or lack thereof) of the UN Security Council. Like the UN, this body seems to be almost totally lacklustre in its ability to make any proper decision or take any sort of stand.

    Isn’t it funny that the five permanent members of this council are: the US, the UK, China, France and the Russian Federation. We already know one of the dark secrets going on between the US and China and that is that the US IS STANDING IDLY BY WHILE CHINA CONTINUES TO DESTROY TIBET, ITS CULTRE AND ITS PEOPLE. Oh and don’t forget China’s hideous human rights record (remember those innocent students who were killed in Tiananmen Square just because they were quietly protesting ?)

    Ever stopped to look at the other members of the UN Security Council ? (By the way, these members are not “permanent” – they only serve for a year each and then vacate their seat for the next unwitting victim)…we’ve got Quatar, Slovakia, United Republic of Tanzania, Greece, Japan, Peru, the Republic of Congo, Argentina, Denmark and Ghana. Seriously – what chance do these tiny nations have to stand up and make their voice heard around this table ?

    So – who elected the five permanent members and decided that they should be god at this forum ?

  2. ld says:

    About Iran test firing a new long range missile, this weekend (4-5 November) Condoleeza Rice said that Iran was “trying to demonstrate that they’re tough”. She also said, according to the AFP, which claims to be the world’s oldest established news agency, that the testing was their way of telling the world “You’re not going to keep us from getting a nuclear weapon”.

    What’s going on here ? I feel like this is an animated kindegarten show. This sort of dialogue is absolutely ridiculous. Not only is it actually sprouting from the mouth of an adult but an adult in a position of such global recognition and influence.

    And why is it that the US can calmly be allowed to build its own nuclear weapon capability yet no other country can ?

    According to the Bulletin of Atomic cientists: “Fifteen years after the end of the Cold War, the United States continues to spend billions of dollars annually to maintain and upgrade its nuclear forces.As of January 2006, the U.S. stockpile contains almost 10,000 nuclear warheads. This includes 5,735 active or operational warheads: 5,235 strategic and 500 nonstrategic warheads.”

    Some of our so called “leaders” are such a joke. It’s no wonder we’ll probably never ever have a world where we can all live in peace.

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