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Pray for the Electric-Car

The ‘Tesla’ certainly is sleek and sexy electric car, and unforunately, the Reva, as described by mygreenwheels looks like Noddy. I spoke to solarshop and they said they now have until the 11th of November for an opportunity for DoTars to supports a more applicable classification:


“In all EU countries, the Reva fits the Heavy Quadricycle category, not a conventional high speed motor car, and we don’t have that category.”

So why not here ?

If we want to get serious about the Global Warming dilemma we must support electric, or any other more environmental options.

If I ever can afford to make the switch to electric, I will, even if I drive Noddy. Everyone who converts today will be tomorrow’s hero.

I am looking forward to seeing ‘who killed the electric car’ (review) even though it appears that the movie was still biased toward a more ‘hybrid’ that supports an internal petrol powered combustion.

whokilledtheelectriccar has some great interactive information about viable options for today.



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  1. ld says:

    The “revealing and fascinating” doco titled WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR is showing now in Adelaide at the Palace Nova.

  2. Chillipepper says:

    Latest news – Australia’s Federal Government has declined to approve the Western Australian Government’s plan to crash test the Reva.

    Get this. Federal Roads Minister Jim Lloyd says more information about the proposed trial is needed before he will approve it.

    “Those issues include insurance, the purpose and period of any trial, any conditions or restrictions that would be put on the vehicles,” he said.

    “[Also] who are the people that would be involved in the trial, would there be any children involved in the trial, how many vehicles, who would own the vehicles?”

    What is he getting so hung up about, fer gawd’s sake? This is a vehicle that’s classed as a quadricycle in Europe. With a top speed of 45mph it’s hardly boy-racer material.

    And I thought the UK was the only nanny state.

  3. playtoh says:

    LOL _ Australia is the bottom end of the Commonwealth, any hope of radical and progressive thinking is merely an illusion. Where did you ever get the idea that only the UK was the nanny state ? We had the chance to vote for a Republic and guess what . . . . . ? The queen still rules our roost.

    The whole electric car thingy MUST be connected to the embarassing issue as to why Australia still has not signed the Kyoto protocol. Our Government is too scared of doing anything that the U.S (and maybe UK) will not approve of. So I guess the last thing on Coward Howards agenda is to improve our emission standards above that of the US.

    Thank you for your update on this issue.

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