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Silent Truth

Are you surprised to hear that Anna Politkovskaya, the prominent Russian journalist was shot dead in a lift ? , or is this something that we in the West would only expect to come from more brutal and savage countries like Russia? What if you read reports that U.S soilders in Iraq did the same thing, that is, they executed reporters with a single shot to the head. But then again I guess we could excuse this with some argument that considers war zones to have their own set of rules or lack thereof. Maybe you have read about the supposed suicide of prize winning reporter Gary Webb, who had apparently commited suicide by shooting himself twice in his head. Strange circumstances indeed.

The question being raised here is more profound than the ‘real’ assasinations of people that are out there investigating the truth, it is more about the death of ‘truth’ itself, and dare I say it, we should all question what it is that we all value to be the truth. If people who seek to bring you the truth run the risk of losing their life while doing so, don’t they, at least, deserve the respect of us all to ‘demand’ unbiased and uncensored reporting ? >p


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  1. ld says:

    There’s no doubt that we deserve unbiased and truthful media. The big problem is that people, generally, are too lazy to seek it out so they happily believe the crap that we’re fed through mainstream media. What’s even more disgusting is that people who read, watch or listen to mainstream media actually follow the total bullshit that they spit out….so we get stories about how people in Adelaide don’t know how to dress properly while children are dying of starvation, the Amazon forest is being destroyed at hectares per day and the list of global (and local) atrocities just continues while most of us sit idly by, happy to receive the CRAP that is fed to us.

    Do yourselves a huge favour and seek out alternative media.

    Start with New Internationalist for one – an excellent publication that raises “real” issues and is not scared to do so. Visit

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