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James Casbolt, M16, the CIA and Aliens

M16 Are the Lords of the Global Drug Trade

It had been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the CIA has been bringing in most of the drugs into America for the last fifty years (see ex LAPD officer Michael Rupert’s ‘From the wilderness’ website for proof). The CIA operates under orders from British intelligence and was created by British intelligence in 1947. The CIA today is still loyal to the international bankers based in the city of London and the global elite. Since it was first started, MI6 has always brought drugs into Britain.

MI6 bring in heroin from the middle east, cocaine from south America and cannabis from morocco as well as other places. British intelligence also designed and created the drug LSD in the 1950’s through places like the Tavistock Institute in London. By the 1960’s MI5, MI6 and the CIA were using LSD as a weapon against the angry protestors of the sixties and turned them into ‘flower children’ who were too tripped out to organise a revolution.

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Underground Bases, Missing Children, Extra-Terrestrials

The global drugs trade run by many factions of the global intelligence community co-operating together (MI6, CIA, MOSSAD etc) is worth at least £500 billion a year. This is more than the global oil trade. MI6 control many of the other intelligence agencies in the world. MI6 created the CIA in 1947 and still control them today. This ‘black ops’ drug money or in classic Orwellian terms, MI6/CIA ’non-appropriated funds’ is being used to fund government and military projects classified ‘Above top secret’.

These operations include a huge worldwide UFO cover up and the building and maintaining of deep underground military bases (D.U.M.B.S).

There are many of these bases worldwide but here is small list.

– Dulce in New Mexico
– Brecon Beacons in Wales
– Los Alamos in Mexico
– Pine Gap in Australia
– The Snowy mountains in Australia
– The Nyala range in Africa
– West of Kindu in Africa
– Next to the Libyan border in Egypt
– Mount Blanc in Switzerland
– Narvik in Scandinavia
– Gottland island in Sweden and many other places.
These projects are being run by a secret, unelected international governing body connected to the U.N.




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  1. Sonja Elliott says:

    james and I have been in contact for several, several months. It seems that when we get close to an actual conversation, interview, etc., that something ineffidently occurs to throw a veil of paranoia on the situation. Either my email, computer, telephones and/or even televison is intercepted by BB, or his is. there have been numerous occurances where I have received an email from james telling me that he is attempting to get through to me but cannot. Whether this is through an outside interception on this end in the US of A or in his GB is unknown yet it is definitely occurring.
    I know that between maybe 4-5 of us, we have indesputible proof of the existence of the 4th deminsion here. We also have indesputible proof off Big Brother as they go at all stops out to discredit us, to deem us insane, and/or to even entice us to put ourselves behind bars or in a psch ward.

  2. playtoh says:

    Thanks for the message Sonja. It is very difficult to see the trees from the forest with everything I research on the WW Web. Good luck getting information out to the people that deserve to know the ‘truth’. And isn’t that what this is all about ? Not lack of patriotism or insanity but just the ‘idea’ that we could live in a society whose citizens can feel assured that a system is in place that can guarantee truth, honesty, and sincerity. You and James have definitely put your life and health at risk for the sake of others: just like everybody else who dares to seek and speak the truth: all real heroes in my book.

  3. adrian hudson says:

    I would just like to say thanks for what you and you friends are do,ing. It is extremely improtant to get this infomation and the trooth ought to the people and i for one am and shale devout my life to this cause……let the trooth ran,and peac shall follow…

  4. dutchman says:

    hello sonja
    i’ve a ranch outside of datil,nm.and have sent james some information about a sighting , that i expreienced nov17. this sighting was of an transporttype of craft – – that was approx. 300-400 yards wide and around 3 quarters of a mile long. i sent it through the edge am,after hearing him appear on that show.if you do indeed know james – tell him that i’m investigating certain things on my end and that i’ll get back to him upon farther evidents.he’ll know what i mean.

  5. Cam says:

    Thanks Sonya.
    Have you ever done research on William Cooper and Phil Schneider, the US patrtiots who paid the ultimate sacrife, getting this information out in the public domain? There are some excellent videos still available at and youtube. There is so much disinformation out there but I do believe that these guys were genuine.

    Gary Webb is also another one to study re CIA drug inviolvement.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Barry King says:

    Casbolt is seriously mentally deranged
    He needs treatment

  7. KAREN says:


  8. Ella says:

    This guy is seriously mentally ill, I am shocked that Coast had him on.

  9. Dean says:

    Karen, Ella and Barry,

    I am amazed at how challenging your responses are! Instead of falling to the tempation of just calling names….you really challenged the claims and facts!!!
    You people are great. CIA PLANTS !!!!

  10. skyking says:

    It is a fact that the CIA has brought drugs into the US to support black operations. This was well reported by the press as far back as when George Bush, Sr was head of the CIA. We have no reason to believe that it is not still happening.

    Look at Afghanistan. Practically no drugs came out of that region until we and the British took over the country. Now they are the world’s largest supplier of poppy derivatives.

    From time to time, rumors surface, but I think much of the press is afraid to touch such a story. So, we get stories, usually during political campaigns, and people write them off as just so much mud slinging.

    Clinton was smeared with a Mena landing strip in Arkansas. Bush, our Pres, when he campaigns for trucks going back and forth over the Mexican border not to be inspected. All drugs.

    Remember when the antecedants of one of our Presidents became wealthy, partly from importing an illegal drug at the time, alcohol, into the US?

    What makes anyone think for a moment that it is not still occurring?

    You’d have to be naive, uniformed, or part of the trade, yourself to deny this.

    And how did we solve that problem, finally?
    Legalize and allow legit businesses to sell it – at least control it in some way and take the profit out of the black market.

    But then, other governments are probably doing the same thing. Could we stop China? Or Britain? So the corruption of our government is supported on the backs of our addicted children.

  11. Sonja says:

    Well, this is to let all know that Big Brother is alive, well, and insane in Florida. What they do here is try to instill paranoia on anyone that can see what is up. There is a definte underwater base in the gulf of Mexico. It is located off of the coast of Walton County in Florida, just a mile or 2 west of the Bay County line. The grids are brought in underneath a very intense area of what appears to be a swirling vapor. However, should you put a pair of binoculars on the vapor and leave them there for a couple of minutes you will be able to see lights inside the mist as well as small crafts jumping here and there off the grid. Evidently they cannot hide from binoculars nor from camera lenses well. James told me of a quantum laser beam that people can walk through and render themselves invisible. This is now occurring here also.
    What is amazing to me is that with all of us seeing the operation most likely more and more of us are in tune now that we can communicate through the internet. They really don’t have a chance at hiding their disinformation any longer.
    Should the disbeliever out there decide to do a small experiment, I can tell you how to determine if you in fact are being watched.
    Turn your television set off. Sometimes you can see that there are colored lines still running through the set with the naked eye. Whether you can see it or not, go to an angle from the set and turn on your digital camera. Leave it focused on the screen…and see what you see on this screen that is not even turned on. We found them here on the set and they were watching us…

  12. tyquniaum says:

    Just to let you know i am still on the net.Nothing has happened to me yet.I guess my alien friends like me after all.They always knew i would never breach level three security protocols.Keep up the good work.


  13. davID says:

    This is the main issue with James Casbolt and a handful of others.. or rather it’s an issue with those that can’t think enough for themselves so they
    -think by proxy-
    using someone else.

    J.C. is telling some core truths but all he has done is add an unproductive edge of paranoia to earlier and far superior researchers work. See Phil Schneider, Bill Hamilton etc. To make the error of coming across this information and deciding J.C. [yes – get those initials] has shown you the light is deluded at best and downright hilarious at better.

    I read the mi6 are the lords… article when it went up – now there are 223,000 links on google and JC has been on Coast and is writing “his book”. At that time I asked him for ANY evidence of his role in mi6 – I heard nothing. I have since posted on forums asking him why he does not just admit this is a lie and it was a prank for publicity – all fair enough – then the more easily influenced can get on with their own stuff not hanging on the coat-tails of someone who is well meaning, perhaps philanthropic even but self-indulgent.

    …nice site. Bit strange seeing the Casbolt Stuff posted here with Baudrillard references… the hyperreal isn’t THAT plastic so as to reflect bogus writers. The meta narrative is dead.. almost.


  14. playtoh says:

    Thanks for comment DavID, looks you you are not the only person who has doubts about JC. It was through Phil Schneider that I first found out about underground bases and other military secrets. As for reference to Baudrillard on this site: there is no intentional link, all postings are references to what, at that time I am researching, watching or listening, there is no intentional subject matter, other then the nudge/ suggestion, to think outside the square and investigate the bigger picture. In political philosophy, if understood, Baudrillard can liberate dialectical deception and expose the matrix. Meta-narrative is dead but like reality lives as simulacrum.

  15. Sonja says:

    i thank you greatly for this site…
    Call me crazy…call me insane…but come here to this area…clall me..and i will show you ow sot see it..

  16. Slaphead says:

    Sonja, trust me – they’re really not watching you through your television set! Whatever gives you the idea that you (we?) are that important or pose that much of a threat to the powers that be? Come to that whatever gives you the idea that they (whoever ‘they’ might be) are that bright or clever

    As for our friend Mr Casbolt just check his gullibility in this thread at Godlike Productions (secret underground facility at …er …a fish and chip restaurant!)

    For a more serious critque I point readers to Robin Ramsay’s review of Casbolt’s book at Fortean Times:

    Take care y’all and don’t have nightmares!

  17. playtoh says:

    Crazy world indeed. Thanks for comments.
    Slaphead, you a right to say that ‘we’ are not important, but ‘they’ don’t have a life, ‘they’ spend their time and ‘our’ resources to do all kinds of ‘tests’ and ‘experiments’, I am sure you did these things to small insects and animals when you were a young boy. My Brothers favorite was to tie cotton round a flies head so it would fly in circles until its head dropped off. If you study Psychology, the Skinner rat experiment is still part of first year study. I am sure that ‘rats’, flies and many other species feel just like you do. They certainly don’t feel important enough to occupy our attention. Right?

  18. You take my identity and e-mail by alien´s power… I`m lost, guys!

  19. FUCK says:


  20. playtoh says:

    Take the RED pill, you know you can do it.

  21. Leon says:

    There’s probably some truth in this stuff – afterall, there’s never smoke without fire, but Casbolt is a lying twat, plain and simple.

    He’s swallowed a handful of conspiracy books, i.e., David Icke’s The Biggest Secret, Branton’s Dulce Book, O’ Brien’s Tranceformation of America, etc, and jumped on the bandwagon by pretending to be an ex MI6 agent (what a joke) — a narcissistic psychopathic fraud more like.

    …Heard him being interviewed by Jack Blood, he stuttered his way through the entire interview because he was nervous about being caught out on his lies.

    Fucking idiot.

  22. anadika says:

    nice to see it as i am a mystorie buster

  23. Miles J says:

    James said it all in my BASES 4 re interview, but since he and his webiste have disappeared, thats all there is. So in 2009 I am redoing it as BASES 4, and his statements can rest on that. Note that others have spoken out, some of them in BASES 2, Take 2 Parts 2&3… get the DVD or see it on Youtube

  24. Eva says:

    Oh, I go to the island Gotland (in Sweden) every year. Is that why i experience so many strange things… connected to aliens?

  25. David Howard says:

    Google “9/11 Nukes – Radiation-induced cancers”

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  27. I am a CIA MK-Ultra Project Monarch Intelligence Asset, alien hybrid and alien abductee. I communicated with James Casbolt years ago. My heart goes out to James for all the trauma he has endured. Please YouTube X Zone Radio and Francine Kelly; operation haystack agentfk; Francine Kelly and Higherside Chats; and Francine Kelly and WoB radio. Please look at my forum at

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