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Who was Bertha Champagne ?


Bertha Champagne was a 62 year old ‘baby sitter’ for Marvin Bush, George W. Bush’s younger brother. Bertha ‘died’ on Sept. 29th 2003 under mysterious circumstances.
“Champagne had left the residence to retrieve something from her car, which police say had somehow been left in gear. According to the police report, the car rolled forward and pinned the woman between it and a small building next to the driveway . . . . No explanations have been offered as to why the vehicle did not move until Champagne was in a position to be crushed”.
I guess it’s not strange to find that no-body really cares how a car can mysteriously pin someone; just a ‘quirky’ accident, or the fact that Washington Post, the only media to run the story, had waited until a week later to do so.
O.K, so someone like me immediately thinks, well ofcourse she must have overheard something and needed to be ‘accidentaly’ silenced, but why would Marvin Bush have blood on his hands ?
Well, funny that, but strange as it may seem, Marvin Bush happened to be one of the directors and significant shareholders of Securacom, now Stratasec, who were providing security for the World Trade Centre, Dulles International Airport and United Airlines.


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  1. jeremy says:

    Interesting … and sad … It looks like some others believe there was funny business as well; a band made a song about it?? check out song #6 (“Bertha Champagne”) on BFF’s “The Mossy Rock Album”

    • Steve S. says:

      marvin bush was directly involved in this polt. he was the director of the two originazations that had links to a pentagon plane on 911 and a link to the WTC. He was director or on the board of all 3 originazations. Check it out for yourself.

  2. playtoh says:

    Ahh, those were the days. Thanks for comment and link.
    Preview and free download of song:

  3. Hal says:

    No mention of car. Wouldn’t you think there’d be a law suit against the manufacturer? The Bush legacy continues.

  4. jessica says:

    Call me dumb, but I don’t get it. So she goes to get something out of her car, leaves the car in neutral (or something), stands behind the car and the car rolls backwards pinning her between the car and come wall. But then car continues to roll down the street? I just don’t understand. How are you pinned if the car continues to move? Is she holding onto the bumper or something as it’s moving. Wtf?

    • Mason Dixon says:

      The car drives down the driveway, somehow mysteriously following her as she runs from it, there is no driver behind the wheel, yet it follows her perfectly, and waits until she runs up to another building at the front of the property, waiting for the perfect moment, it rams her against the building resulting in her death. Watch ‘South Tower Coming Down’ on youtube, if you don’t think 911 was just as much an ‘inside job’.

      And if you think the ‘banking scam’ just ‘happened’ think again. They’ve been practicing that &!*%$ way before Neil Bush pulled off his ‘Silverado Savings and Loan Scam’ under Reagan. You can look that up too. And also look up Margie Schoedinger while you’re at it and learn more about the rapist. Funny these things never make the news? But they hit the National Enquirer with anthrax after they published that raunchy picture of Jenna Bush fallen-down drunk. The news media isn’t completely stupid. The National Enquirer had to vacate their corporated offices for years.

  5. Sandra says:

    Well she deseve everything that happen to she was a bad person she took a better opportunity to my children her son boris ricardo encinas us a dead beat dad that has never try to get close to his children at orders of bertha champage if need to know contact me I will tell you her other darkside

  6. Junior says:

    do tell………

  7. Chris says:

    Sometimes when I park my motorbike on a slope, I make sure it’s in gear so it doesn’t roll.
    Perhaps they meant in neutral with no handbrake – but even then the force of gravity is hardly enough to kill. I was walking my dog once and came across a car rolling out of a car park and managed to stop it before it went out on the road.
    And I agree with Jessica too, if it pins you to the wall, then it can’t keep rolling. wtf?

  8. a hole says:

    I left my car in gear and it rolled back and killed me…Will NOT be doing that again

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