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US Military wants to be your friend!

The other night, as I was partaking in one of my favourite hobbies: internet surfing, I stumbled upon (what I thought to be) a rather alarming article written by Nick Turse. The big, bold heading read, ‘With Friends Like These… The Militarization of MySpace’.

I had to stop and blink a couple of times as it was only hours earlier that I had been having a mildly heated conversation about the ‘MySpace Fever’ that seems to have swept the world. I have been a dedicated member of since it was no more than another one of those average profile based websites and the man responsible for it’s creation was only known as ‘Tom’ and he was a friend to all.

MySpace has come a long way since then.

In 2005, MySpace was snapped up by Rupert Murdoch in a $580 million deal. A rather healthy investment considering the ever-growing popularity of the site. Featuring in excess of 100 million profiles and receiving 1 billion hits every single day (more visits than Google), MySpace is a force to be reckoned with.

So I guess with figures as substantial as these, it doesn’t come as a complete shock to learn that the US Military is getting in on the action. Yes, That’s right. The Marine Corps has it’s own MySpace profile which it launched in February 2006. The Air Force soon after followed the trend, however, they closed the profile down due to not wanting to elicit a bad reputation.

Somehow, I don’t think the Marine Corps are all that interested in making ‘friends’ with whom they can exchange amusing chain mails. In words of Nick Turse, ‘e-cannon fodder’ comes to mind. With soldiers constantly dying in the Middle East, we all know the military is in serious need of recruits. They have already painfully lowered their standards (practically any dumbo can enlist) so what better ‘virginal virtual territory’ to corrupt than

The Marine Corps already boasts having 22429 ‘friends’, a very impressive figure. The number of people who would be in their network and exposed to such horror is infinite. Just watch the glorified video on the profile (look! You get to play with guns!) and click the, ‘contact a recruiter’ button. Pretty easy hey?

What an ingenious way to lure vulnerable young people into the clutches of death.

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2 Responses

  1. mat says:

    He He,

    well people are running away from them, so they have to improve their advertisement. I don’t know the exact figures but they have a lack in soldiers willing to go to Iraq or Afghanistan. They are spending a lot of money for this kind of stuff, just look at the videoclips and games.

    I think that all this is also proving a growing degree of militarization in the american society. Like those academies for youngsters, who are starting with the drill at the age of 14, just because the military is the only one who provides education.


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