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Man of the Year

(n. pl. hy·poc·ri·sies

  1. The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness.
  2. An act or instance of such falseness.


Adolf Hitler 1938 Joseph Stalin 1939 George W. Bush 2000, 2004
I guess most people are aware of this, but for those who are not, then please let me remind you how a public image can change from hero to zero. I thought it a fitting time to mention this, considering there is evidence that America is about to strike(nuclear!?) or is already at war with Iran. This coincidence does beg the question, why does Time honor these people to harness public image support rather then tell it like it is ?


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  1. mat says:


    I guess that just shows the ambivalent picture which those people tend to create. The committee which elected Hitler and Stalin, might have not known about the methods of these guys, but had in mind the seemingly improved conditions of there countries… That happens when people want to believe a lie. I would put those man of the year awards into the apeacement corner, because it turns a blind eye on the nuernberger laws, the persecution and elemination of people simply because of their oppinion and the stalnistic massdeportations and executions.

    And I guess the best way to explain the award for Bush is again that he and his team are really good at lieing and pretending to persue the interest of their nation.


  2. ld says:

    When one tries to imagine our world as it is
    Full of complexities and assumed rationalities,
    Too many disparities, analogies and formalities,
    An intricate web of formidable trivialities.
    Pronouns, junctions, adverbs and dichotomies,
    A tangled, spangled barrage of calamities.
    Hume and Kant, Aristotles and Socrates,
    In search of the truth, meaning and probabilities.
    Compelling and fuelling, wild rushing philosophies,
    Proposing discovery of all our hypotheses.
    Far reaching mind sets and piling uncertainties,
    Dogmatic realities, incessant contingencies.
    And while there are allegories and some similarities
    Their forms are subdued by recurrent anomalies.
    Answers, solutions and all possibilities
    Are never a match for the certain hypocrisies.

    And so when I think, in all probability
    And consider the value of my perplexity
    The incomprehension of our humanity
    Continues to vex me, forever and endlessly.

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